Duke is a young paladin stationed at Castle Carwin who takes his duties as protector not only of the Church but of Princess Brunhilda very seriously. Having suffered the loss of both his parents in his early childhood at the hands of Dshivargs father, he is determined to hunt down Dshivarg and battle him to the death. The young paladin, however, does not get it easy. His is almost constantly followed by the incredibly annoying Annione and has to deal with a fanatically ambitious rival paladin who would gladly stamp his head repeatedly into the ground and leave him for dead. Not only this, but he seems to be the only one who notices Prompts more 'savage' habits of tearing small animals to pieces when no one else is looking.


Dshivarg is the son of the infamous warlord, Huan, and has recently been placed in charge of the horde when his father mysteriously vanished without a word and his elder brother declined the position. Determined to prove himself as a warlord, he marches off to conquer a kingdom, setting up camp just within the borders of Cobainia near Castle Carwin. However, his dreams of conquest are hampered by the psychotic blonde Paladin by the name of Duke, a crazy eco-warrior who haunts the forest on the back of a wolf, his tempestuous flesh-eating steed by the name of Socket, and most of all, as always, by his incompetent underlings.


Bryony is an ambitious Paladin from less fortunate surroundings than her fellow peers. Because of this, she is determined to prove herself and constantly challenges Dukes authority at Carwin Castle, hoping to take the outpost for her own in the near future. She does, however, have a slight problem... she has a crush on Dukes principle antagonist, Dshivarg. Rampaging her way through the forest, she is also at constant war with Dukes other female companion Annione who is convinced that Bryony is scheming to take her beloved Duke away (well, maybe into the otherworld...)

Castle Carwin

Princess Brunhilda

The ever-smiling Princess of Cobainia under Dukes protection at Castle Carwin.


The hateful 'annoying female companion.' There really is nothing else to say...


Small, fluffy and with a fetish for cadavers. Not your average cute and cuddly sidekick it has to be said.


Duke's noble steed.

The Maiden

The enigmatic figure that gazes down onto the world below with her beloved companion, The Baron.

The Fortress


Dshivarg's eccentric, cross-dressing, hyperactive, meddling (and somehow endearing) older brother.


Dshivarg's 'not so noble' steed caught high in the mountains on the border of Cobainia and Ankoun with the help of some 'hover-meat.'

Forest Dwellers


The grape-obssessed warlock who resides at Squint Tower, deep within the heart of the forest. Wanted by the local villagers for 'disrupting the peace' he passes his time pleasantly...


The loud and exuberant 'lodger' at Squint Tower.


The resident eco-warrior of Carwin who terrories anyone who dares disturb the peace of the forest.

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