On the page you will find out about characters in fan series.

Characters in "Thomas the Wind-Up Engine"


Streamliner is a gold tank engine who is in thomasanddiesel's series "Thomas the wind-up engine". He looks very similar to Thomas. Streamliner is featured in Ep.10, "The Tragic Sink".

Old Reliable

Old Reliable is a black coach bus, starring in thomasanddiesel's series "Thomas the wind-up engine and friends." He is old, and reliable, hence the name. He tends to break down a lot, mostly because he is so old. He is in the episode, "Old Reliable".

Characters in "The Railways of Sodor"


File:7 0001.jpg

Archibald is a black engine with a similar appearance to Murdoch. He is featured in Knuckles' "The Railways of Sodor." He first arrived when Sir Topham Hatt re-opened an old scenic line, and he was visiting, and it was his job to run on it. At first, he was rude to the little engines, and stated they weren't really useful. But when Archibald broke down, he changed his mind. He is in episode 7, "The Visitor."

Characters in "HO Thomas & Friends"


Ross is in ajhdbsteam's series "HO Thomas & Friends". He looks like Wilbert/Sixteen. He is in "Peter Sam's Pollution" and "Firework Fantasy", but in the title, 'Fantasy' is misspelled as 'Fantisy.' Just FYI.

Characters in "TrackMaster Thomas & Friends"


Rallward is Freddie's little brother, and is in djmankiewicz1's series "TrackMaster Thomas & Friends". He was fired from the Railway Board, but is still looking for a job. Since he is featured in a future series (see Thomas in merchandise ), the episode he will star in is still unknown.

The Lastonian engines (but some call them Evian engines)

The Lastonian/Evian engines consist of 2 engines:

  • Chad the Estonian goth engine- Thomas' cousin who looks like Thomas
  • Darin the Latvian streamer engine- An engine who has streamers covered all over his body

Both engines star in "TrackMaster Thomas and friends," by djmankiewicz1.

The Visiting engines

  • Porter (Percy's cousin)
  • Sonja (Emily's sister)
  • Rodrick (Gordon's cousin)

All star in TrackMaster Thomas and friends.

Spooky Larry

Spooky Larry is in djmankiewicz1's series, "TrackMaster Thomas & Friends." he looks like Gordon but he has no tender or face. Just bulgy eyes. The episode he will star in is still TBA/TBD.

Characters in "Tomy Thomas and Friends"

Mr. Postmanson

Mr. Postmanson is the Archenemy of Sir Topham Hatt. He is a mailman. He is in trainlover476's series, "Tomy Thomas and Friends." His car was crushed by Percy in episode 5, "Percy on the run." He made his first appearance in Episode 2, "The Secret Tender Club."

The Random Snow Leopard

The Random Snow Leopard was a brief character in trainlover476's "Tomy Thomas and friends" series. He was featured very briefly in "Gameshow Carnival episode 1: Friends Fornever". He was shown when Henry was choosing a temporary best friend: HENRY: Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe, Catch a tiger.. VOICE: Actually, I'm a snow leopard. (cut to snow leopard.) SNOW LEOPARD: RRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAOOOOWWWW!!!!! HENRY: Oh, sorry, uh... Catch a snow leopard by the toe... If he hollers, smack him wi' a biscuit... and.... The idea for the Snow Leopard was based off of part of a Chowder episode with the same idea, basically.

Characters in "Thomas the TrackMaster Show"

Thomas' grandmother

Thomas' grandmother is in ramahfool's series, "Thomas the TrackMaster show". However, she has both been called Mom and Grandma. She looks like Thomas, but with a hat on. She is in "Mother's Day".

Characters in "T&F"


Ted is the yard manager. From his debut in episode 9 to episode 13, he is a model railway workman, but from "Sir Topham Hatt's Unlucky Week" onwards, he is a Lego man. He is voiced by trainlover476.


Nigel is a green diesel, numbered 6706, who talks like a robot. Later on in the series, his voice was done with Microsoft Sam. He debuted in Episode 2, "The Haunted Diesel Yard."

Frank (a.k.a. Simon James Alexander Ragsdell III)

Frank is a Northern Railway Spectrum 2-8-0 tender engine who debuted in Episode 9: "The Secret Tender Club." When James was trying to get rid of the tank engines once and for all, he was banned from the club forever, as he disobeyed the rule of the club. At first he was only a replacement for an ill Henry, but he eventually became a permanent engine. He is voiced by NCstL576.


Daylight is a Southern Pacifc GS-4 4-8-4 tender engine. He is the biggest engine in the series and was the founder of the "real" Secret Tender Club. He made his debut in episode 9, "The Secret Tender Club". He is voiced by trainmaster844.

Characters in "Thomas the Take-Along Show"


T.I. is a black saddle tank engine who looks like Bill/Ben, featured in another upcoming djmankiewicz1 series, "Thomas the Take-Along show". Debuting episode in thought.

Characters in "Thomas' Cornfield Adventures"


Mike is a character from Thomas' Cornfield Adventures. He is Thomas' identical and obnoxious cousin who Thomas can't stand. When he and Thomas were little, Mike suffered a seizure while playing Startropics. Ever since, he acts like he's in the game.

Characters in two series


Roger is in "LCWR Thomas", a djmankiewicz1 series, and is silver and looks like Duck. He is also in TrackMaster Thomas and friends, and has the number 42.

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