Characters for Final Fantasy Akatsuki are listed here.

Akatsuki Members


The Leader-The over demanding leader of the group, his name is currently unknown (because no one asks). He yells at anyone who messes up, and even threatens to kill them in Public. He apparent has powers beyond the concept of mere mortals, but he has yet to use any such power, and instead chooses to Run away.


Red Mage- Second command in the group, Red Mage tries to show the group what it’s like to be a good subornment. Whenever he forgets something the Leader has told him to do, he quickly blames someone else in the group (Mostly Fighter). He has also been turned into a cannibal due to Wizard’s Dark Magic. But the only one who seems to notice any change in him is Black Mage.


Fighter-The lowest ranking member in the group, Fighter has earned the rightful nickname “Tobi”. He constantly fallows Red Mage around, Thinking he is his Sensei.


Wizard-The main Jutsu User in the group. Wizard has maid a verity of mistakes in his time. From Turning Red Mage into A cannibal to blowing off Black Mage’s Arms. He appears to know something about a race of beings older then the Earth it’s self, but whenever he tries to talk about them the Leader cuts him off.


Black Mage-A wimp next to his Partner Knight, Black Mage constantly tries to out do him. All of which have failed. One of his rather quick attempts was to have Wizard trade Knight’s Strong arms with Black mage’s wimpy arms. But just has he started the Jutsu it backfired, destroying Knights arms. The End Result, Knight is stuck with a set of wimpy arms, wile Black mage has no arms at all.






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