Professor Saotome

A unknown Scientist working with O'Mally, he also seems to ally with Terry aswell, he maybe related to Ranma Saotome due to the name, he dissappeared from the Valstork after meeting Ryoma.

Terry's Harem

Andrew's Harem

King's Harem


More commonly referred to as "Bad Company," these four AWOL Army Soldiers got on the wrong side of the Legionnaire, a mercenary with a deadly army and a cache of gold that would make even the most simplistic monk drool. These four soldiers met King when he was working a mission for the Helic Republic alongside Van Flyheight, Fiona, and Irvine, and in so doing, managed to earn themselves a job of working alongside the Republic against the Guylos Empire. While none of them pilot Zoids (at the moment, at least), each soldier brings their own skills to the table for King and his Righteous Arrows.

Private Preston Marlowe

Transferred to B-Company for an unknown reason (King knows for certain a helicopter was involved, though), Preston is the newest member of Bad Company. He's the more mellow one of the group, and a crack shot with a sniper rifle.

Private Terrence Sweetwater

Transferred to B-Company after uploading a virus to the Army's secure network, Sweetwater joined the army to get into grad school, only to get sent to Russia to fight, the one thing he abhors about the army. He works as B-Company's medic, communications, and technology expert.

Private Gordon Haggard

Transferred to B-Company after blowing up the largest fuel dump east of Paris, Haggard enjoys watching things explode...almost too much so. When he's not using his rocket launcher, he's blowing enemies to pieces with C-4 or blasting them with his shotgun.

Sergeant Samuel Redford

The only soldier to voluntarily transfer to B-Company, Redford is the leader of the outfit and often has to keep Sweetwater and Haggard in line. But just because he wants to get out of fighting and into fishing, Redford hasn't lost his touch at all.

The Spartan Rejects

Or the Reds and Blues, for short. The rejected Spartans that didn't exactly make it to Master Chief level, but are composed of nine humans, four AI, a talking tank, a robot, and a bomb. Yes, a bomb. One of the most dysfunctional squads out there, and while some people think it couldn't get any does.

The Reds:

  • Sarge: The Blue-killing-obsessed man with a Southern Accent. The guy sucks as a leader, although he leads the Red half. He used spare Warthog parts to create Lopez, a cybernetic Simmons, and two empty shells for Tex and Church to enter.
  • Simmons: The suck-up of the Reds. If anything, he's the Second in Command of the Reds. He does whatever Sarge would ask without question and sometimes would go an extra mile. He does have the tendency to turn from Maroon to Navy Blue in an instant, which puts him in a Spy role.
  • Grif: The Punching Bag. Also the only sane Red out there. He's a good athlete in Grifball...because he's the ball itself. He's lazy, incompetent, and sleeps with one eye open in case Sarge tries to kill him in his sleep.
  • Donut: The one in "lightish-red" armor. Also, the reason why Sarge's cake smelled like baby oil. Despite being straight, the effects of having pink armor slowly got to him, so it's no surprise that he's the gay one of the group.
  • Lopez: The Heavy. No, seriously. That's his name. He's an android that was built by Sarge from spare Warthog parts, which includes the callback option. After an incident involving Giant Robots, he's now the Reds' personal AI pilot.

The Blues:

  • Church: The angry one. Also known as the Alpha AI, although he disbelieves it at some points. Despite having poor aim, the only people he can shoot are those with a part of himself in it, hence why he was able to shoot Caboose when O'Malley possessed him and the Meta with a bouncing sniper bullet. Luckily, he's an asset when it comes to that.
  • Tucker: The perverted one. He's also the only African-American on the team, which is something they could have picked up on. The only feature that sticks out on his person is his sword, which resembles the Plasma Sword from Halo 2 and 3. Despite not getting a girl, he doesn't count as a virgin...because an alien baby came out of his stomach at one point.
  • Caboose: The team-killer. He's strong, quick to anger...and incredibly stupid. He's also the reason why Church has an artifical body in the first place. Despite going into fits of rage, he usually loses focus on his objective, like not turning in Espilon to the Authorities.
  • Sister: Grif's sister. Not much to say except she's the...ahem...seductress of the group. She thought she was joining the Reds when she went with the Blue Team by mistake, because she has a rare occurrance of being a colorblind woman. She's also stupid.
  • Shiela: The tank. No, seriously. She was a tank at one point. Despite being an asset as an instructional AI, she tends to get a little corrupted on certain intervals, like when O'Malley was thought to be in her system. Also was in a brief love triangle between herself, Caboose, and Lopez.

The Allies:

  • Tex: The ace Freelancer. Also Church's Ex-Girlfriend and was sometimes considered a guy...or part guy, part shark. She's also an AI based off of the Director's dead love, which would explain the relationship between herself and Church.
  • Washington: The Team Leader. Despite being in the brig, he's the only one who knows everything. He knew Church's identity, the intentions of the Director, and the identity of the Meta himself. Was once in the brig, now looking to avenge his comrades, he had no choice but to bring them together to stop O'Malley for good.
  • Doc: The medic...or lack thereof. Despite being a pacifist, he was forced into the conflict when O'Malley possessed him at one point. He also possesses a gun with a green light that does a lot of things, and he's not much of a fighter.
  • Andy: The bomb. No, seriously. He was a bomb. Built by Tex to destroy one of O'Malley's HQs, he was disabled by Gary and decided to make himself known. Unfortunately, Caboose was the first one to hear him speak. He's also a translator that can translate in different languages.
  • Delta: The logic. One of the few AI that escaped the Meta's grasp, Delta now serves with the Spartan Rejects by assisting them when O'Malley makes a move. He also refers to Church as "Alpha" on separate occasions and sometimes the guy has casual conversations, which would explain their connection.

The Enemies:

  • O'Malley: Public Enemy Number One. Although he only acts through another host, O'Malley got his name through a combination of Allison (Tex) and Omega. He now resides as the speaking AI within the Meta and uses robots to do his evil bidding.
  • Wyoming: The evil merc. Despite having thought to be dead, he actually used the time device he had to escape. Now he works for O'Malley in order to kill Tucker and anyone who would stand in his way, which would include both the Real World Author Fighters and the Author Fighters themselves.
  • Gary: The deciever. Also known as the Gamma AI, he was named that way the same way O'Malley got his (Wyoming's real name is Reginald). Also possessing a time drive, Gary was partly responsible for making a couple-hundred Churches in a weird time loop. He also tells a bunch of Knock-Knock jokes, too.
  • The Meta: AKA, Agent Maine. After carrying a bunch of AI and equipment from long-dead Freelancers, he was driven crazy down to the point of trying to kill those who stood in his way. However, he has a small link to one of the Author Fighters...

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