Charity, Hope and Faith are Professor Ivy's assistants appearing in Pokeball Peril. Charity has red hair and black eyes. Hope has red hair and black eyes. Faith has red hair and black eyes. Charity's outfit is composed of: a pink short sleeved shirt, red shorts and white shoes. Hope's outfit is composed of: green short sleeved shirt, blue shorts and white shoes. Faith's outfit is composed of: an orange short sleeved shirt, green shorts and white shoes. All three are voiced by Kayzie Rogers. At their age, they are 9 year olds.


  • Professor Ivy (Mother)
  • Tokichi (Father)
  • Aya (Older Sister)
  • Marissa (Sister)
  • Koga (Brother)
  • Mateo (Brother)
  • Huey, Dewey and Louie (Love Interests)


  1. Being popular to Donald's Nephews
  2. Assisting their mother
  3. Helping Ash wake up and get to class


  1. The way Aya argues with Goneff
  2. Doing bad time
  3. Being rebels

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