Charizard is a Fire/Flying Type Pokémon introduced in Generation 1. It is the evolved form of Charmeleon and the final evolution stage of Charmander.


Charizard is based off a dragon, which is a mythological beast that's traditionally known to breath fire, an element Charizard is capable of using in battle.


Charizard is a very popular Pokémon in the earlier and latest generations, since it is one of Ash's main Pokémon for his adventures through Kanto and Johto in the anime.

However, prior to Generation 6, it was not favoured competitively, due to it's crippling 4x weakness to Stealth Rock. Some people mock it for not being part Dragon Type, despite being referred to as a draconian Pokémon. Charizard is also considered by many to be the poster Pokémon of GenWunners, a term referring to fans who only like Generation 1 and hate the later generations of the series, despite the original series' library of flaws in-game.

Many fans are able to look past these flaws and are able to admire Charizard as a powerful and iconic Pokémon. Even more so, since Charizard got two Mega Evolutions from X/Y onwards, effectively giving it new ways to battle. Mega Charizard X becomes part Dragon Type. Although it loses it's immunity to Ground Type attacks, having a useful Ability in the form of Tough Claws more than makes up for it, since Charizard is able to learn a lot of physical attacks.

Mega Charizard Y is respected by many for having Drought as it's Ability, which, combined with the ability to abuse instant Solar Beams and boosted STAB Fire attacks in battle during sunlight, along with a high Sp. Atk stat, makes Mega Charizard Y a powerful and viable Mega Evolution to add to one's team. It can be very difficult to predict as to what Mega Evolution Charizard might become in battle.

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