Charleigh Greene is one of the main protagonists of Livin' The Life With The Stereotypes and the love interest of Louie Newman. She has black/pink hair in a long way and brown eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a light pink long sleeved shirt, olive green miniskirt, black long-stockings and gray Mary Jane dress shoes. She is voiced by Mae Whitman (who makes her sound like Katara from Avatar). At her age, she is 13 years old.


  1. Carla Greene (Mother)
  2. Hubert Greene (Father)
  3. Elizabeth Greene (Younger Sister)
  4. Louie Newman (Love Interest)


  1. Being cool to Louie
  2. Feeling like Amethyst and Madeline
  3. Attending to the others


  1. Innocent Jerks (like Piglet for example)
  2. Ruining her life
  3. Getting into trouble

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