Charles "Cannon" Wainscot (born 25 BCA) is the reincarnation of the Keeper of Blue Mana.

Character Outline

Cannon is a ioqi however, his hanyō has yet to be revealed. His prowess lies with state manipulation, which includes teleportation and illusions, and temporal manipulation.

Coming from a moderately wealthy home Cannon's over active mind often led himself to believing his humdrum life was boring. In his teenage years he took up Magic: The Gathering, acompanying his interest in manga and anime.

After graduating with a 2-1 at University he moved to Japan, and ideal place to keep both his interests sated. Upon meeting Arrathir Quinn he had the realisation of being he host for the Keeper of Blue Mana.

Despite having this burden of power, he continues to be much the same. His Keeper rarely communicates with him however, the underlning principles of the Blue mana is starting to manifest itself within him.

Demonic Side

Although Cannon is a hanyō, and does have a demonic side, it has yet to reveal itself. There are many theories as to what it could be however, Chiburuu's control of it means that it has yet to manifest.


Early years

Coming from a loving home of moderate wealth, he had a happy childhood. His over active mind, and lack of imagination, often led to him being bored. During his teens he took fancy in Magic: The Gathering, aside his interest in anime and manga. Although he began to play casually, he soon aimed more at analysing the game rather than playing, often more interested in deck building and playing technique.

The Awakening

The first indication of Cannon's awakening was when he met Arrathir Quinn at an anime convention. He was thrown in at the deep end when a planeswalker, Numa, kindapeed Arrathir's companion, Eva Pezrokov and threatened to kill her unless he and Arrathir beat Numa in a duel.

Failing he aided his new found comrade, Arrathir, to cope with the loss. During this time they met Aki Umzaki, a Japanese girl that was wrongly thought to be the Keeper of Red Mana. After much confusion, Cannon realised that he was the Keeper of Blue Mana and with his new found powers took Arrathir back in time to get to Eva. With the help of Erik Morlock they were able to bring Eva back to life.

His first encounter with Lu Chao ended up in the realisation that Dominaria was real, by his indication that they needed to travel to Dominaria in order to awaken the two remaining Keepers.

Once they arrived, the were attacked by a Tunneler Wurm. Arrathir and Eva were separated from Cannon and Erik. The two personalities clashing they had a duel with their newly formed powers. Cannon lost, and Erik forced him to tear up his Timetwister.

Metting Halo, they were introduced to an old friend of Arrathir's Khell Dracos. With him they ventured to find Arrathir and Eva, finding them just before Arrathir, in his demonic state, attempted to rape Eva.

They left Yavimaya and set sail for Shiv, where they assumed the Keeper of Red Mana would be found. During the voyage, they were attacked by another Planeswalker and Arrathir was killed. Eva persuaded the other Keepers to put his body in stasis.

Upon reaching Shiv, they made their way to the Shivan Cordillera. One night, Cannon, who had begun to develop feelings for Eva kissed her, resulting in Arrathir's demon attacking Cannon and nearly killing him in the process.

While Eva and Khell attempted to calm the demon down, Erik was taken over by his spirit, Chihowaido, and aimed to use Cannon as bait to lure Chikuro into a duel.

Chikuro duelled against him for Cannon's life in a volcano. The resulting duel caused the volcano to go into eruption, interrupting the duel. Arrathir turned back to find Eva and found her buried under volcanic ash. He managed to carry her to safety and in the flurry of emotion flowing from Eva, she awoke Chiruu

Meanwhile, Chihowaido was contacted by Lu Chao and joined forces with him to destroy the Keeper of Black Mana.


As his demonic side has yet to take over little is known about his abilities however, as he is a Keeper his knowledge of blue spells are endless.

He can manipulate time with effort and his most common ability is teleportation.


  • Cannon is created by the same person who created Lu Chao.
  • Cannon's favoured ability, Teleportation, is from one of his creator's favoured cards; Teleport.

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