Charlie/Postman Pat (Henry/Stepney Version) is a Henry/Stepney parody series.


  • Charlie as Postman Pat
  • Neville as Ted Glenn
  • BoCo as Alf Thompson
  • Rex (from RWS) as Peter Fogg
  • Duke as Sam Waldron
  • Duncan as Bill Thompson
  • Rusty as Reverend Timms
  • Hiro as George Lancaster
  • Winston as Mr. Pringle
  • Mallard (from RWS) as Major Frobes
  • Byron as PC Selby
  • Buster as Julian
  • Den and Dart as Katie and Tom Pottage


Season 1

  • Charlie's Finding Day
  • Charlie and the Magpie Hen
  • Charlie's Birthday
  • Charlie's Rainy Day
  • The Sheep in the Clover Field
  • Charlie's Tractor Express
  • Charlie's Thirsty Day
  • Charlie's Windy Day
  • Charlie's Foggy Day
  • Charlie's Difficult Day
  • Charlie Goes Sledging
  • Letters on Ice
  • Charlie Takes a Message

Season 2

  • Charlie and the Hole in the Rail
  • Charlie and the Suit of Aumour
  • Charlie in a Muddle
  • Charlie Misses the Show
  • Charlie Follows a Trail
  • Charlie Has the Best Village
  • Charlie Paints the Celling
  • Charlie Has Too Many Parcels
  • Charlie and the Big Surprise
  • Charlie and the Robot
  • Charlie Takes Flight
  • Charlie and the Beast of Sodor
  • Charlie and the Mystery Tour


  • Charlie's ABC
  • Charlie's 123
  • Charlie Takes the Bus
  • Charlie and the Toy Soldiers
  • Read Along with Charlie
  • Charlie and the Tuba
  • Charlie and the Baramouter

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