Overlord of Charlescomm, a private military corporation with a monopoly on the production and leasing of Archons and a near-monopoly of telecommunications thanks to his Arkentool: the Arkendish.

Charlie has no warlords, instead exercising direct control via Arkendish communication over all Archons. Charlie furthermore commands no casters, instead making infrequent use of casters from the Magic Kingdom on acontractual basis. He commands all Charlescomm operations out of a single Level 5 capital city, currently defended by 120 Archons (20% of the full 600 Archon force at the time of the volcanic eruption) and 700 Golems. Charlescomm pops 1 Archon per turn, or 3 every 2 turns if a Turnamancer helps. He sells the services of these Archons out for extraordinary prices, and seems to have no ulterior motive, merely the amassing of ever greater sums of money and an ever-expanding army of Archons.

The Charlescomm overall Archon force, barring losses in other theaters of operation, could still be between 610 and 629. At least 28 Archons are known to have died and been decrypted at Gobwin Knob. 38 turns have passed since the events of , so Charlescomm has popped between 38 more (if no Turnamancer assistance) or up to 57 if at maximal Turnamancer production. However, the 28 Archons who participated in the celebration of Stanley the Tool's return to Gobwin Knob could be less than GK's total Decrypted Archons, and Wanda may not have successfully decrypted every Archon who died in the Battle of Gobwin Knob. Furthermore, a Charlescomm scout force of unknown size was destroyed by forces of Stanley the Tool in the field.

Charlie's Rule #3: We are in the business of solving problems for our clients. Corollary: Creating problems for our clients creates business.

Charlie's Rule #15: Some things are more important than money. COROLLARY: Most things are not more important than money.

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