Charlie Browns adventures of Thomas and the Magic Railroad will apeard on youtube soon or later

Charlie Brown Linus and Lucy along with The PowerPuff Girls Bloosom Bubbles Buttercup Ed Edd n and Eddy Spongebob Patrick Sandy Mr Krabs Squidward the Wubb Girlz Sparkle Shimmer and Shine Little Bear Owl Duck Cat and Mitzi Roudolph Zoe Gordon Waffle Mr Blick Hubie Marine Rocko the Birds Lucky Cadpig Rolly and Spot meet Thomas the tank engine and his engine friends but the Diesel 10 shows up and chause trouble but Joe Agget Mojo Jojo Eddy's older Brother Plankton Arrow and Drake will be with him But then lilly came from the big city to meet her Grandpa Burrniet Stone and she meets Lady the golden engine and then she meets Thomas Charlie Brown and there friends and Mr.Conductor who ran out of Gold Dust now its up to Charlie Brown Thomas and there friends to bring Lady and the magic back before Diesel 10 and there enmies dystroy them all

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