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Charlotte's Web/The Lion King with Charlotte's Web Clips and The Lion King Sounds

  • Wilbur as Young and Adult Simba
  • Fern as Young and Adult Nala
  • Charlotte as Mufasa
  • Farley the Fox as Scar
  • Gwen as Sarabi
  • Shenzi Banzai and Ed as Themselves
  • The Wildebeest as Themselves
  • Templeton's Baby Rats as the other Hyenas
  • Templeton the Rat as Timon
  • Cardigan the Lamb as Pumbaa
  • Zazu as Himself
  • Rafiki as Himself
  • Zira as Herself
  • Joy as Vitani
  • Nuka as Himself
  • Jeffrey as Kovu
  • Nellie as Kiara
  • Ma as Herself
  • Uncle Max as Himself

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