Charlotte's Web/Victorious with Charlotte's Web Clips and Victorious Sounds


  • Nellie as Tori
  • Arenea as Cat
  • Joy as Jade
  • Wilbur as Robbie
  • Mr. Zuckerman as Sikowitz
  • Adult Tod the Fox as Beck
  • Adult Copper the Hound as Andre
  • Adult Kiara as Trina
  • Big Mama as Helen the new principal of Hollywood Arts
  • Charlotte as Tori and Trina's mom
  • Lady as Mrs. Charlotte Harris Andre's crazy grandma
  • Gergette the Poddle (Oliver & Company) as Hope Quiency Andre's horrible girl
  • Vitani and Zira as Haley and Tara
  • Kesha as Herself
  • Perez Hilton as Himself
  • Robin Hood as Beck's dad he was only in one episode so far in Jade Dumps Beck
  • Mertle Edmonds (Lilo & Stitch) as Ponnie aka Fawn Lebowitz the psycho girl

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