Here we go the trailer script from the CHARLOTTE’S WEB/SHARK TALE trailer.

        (The Words said: Join Wilbur & his duchess: Farmer Zuckerman & celebrate the coming up with some faivors: Charlotte, Forte, Timon the Meerkat, Tempelton the Rat, Cardigan the Lamb & Gwen the Goose)
        Forte: How are my Babies doing? You missed Timon.
        Wilbur: Hi, i'm Wilbur.
        (The words said Coming in Youtube: That Lazy Pig is on the Big Screen)
        Narrator: Farm Tale.
        (Words said: Starring the Charecters of: Farmer Zuckerman...)
        Zuckerman: You're alive!
        Wilbur: I'm Alive!
        (Words said: Wilbur...)
        Wilbur: Welcome to my Crib... Just a Little old School.
        (Words said: Forte...)
        Forte: That's What farmers do.
        (Words said: Tempelton, Cardigan...)
        Tempelton: Stop singing!
        (Words said: & Timon)
        Timon: Halt.
        Narrator: Farm Tale.

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