Charmaine Fenette is a Aya's Greatest Adventures episode.


  • Whilst looking through the closet, Charmaine finds Shirley Fenette's normal costume. So she puts them on along with her nude tights and starts having some fun.


  • Charmaine
  • Charmaine Jr.


Part 1

  • (We see Charmaine looking through her closet)
  • Charmaine: There must be a way somewhere. A ha! I found it. Two copies of the Shirley Fenette costume along with two pairs of nude tights. I better take them.
  • (Charmaine takes the costumes and the pairs of nude tights and takes them to her bed)
  • Charmaine Jr.: What did you get these, Charmaine?
  • Charmaine: Two copies of these costumes along with two pairs of nude tights.
  • Charmaine Jr.: Can we wear them?
  • Charmaine: Yes.
  • (Charmaine and Charmaine Jr. remove their clothes and shoes and put the nude tights and the Shirley Fenette outfits)
  • Charmaine: Now that's what i'm talking about. Very sexy outfits.
  • Charmaine Jr.: Yeah.
  • Charmaine: Why don't you sit on my lap and i'll sing a song?
  • Charmaine Jr.: Okay.
  • Charmaine: Let's go to my bed.
  • Charmaine Jr.: All right!
  • (We see Charmaine in her bed with Charmaine Jr. on her lap)
  • Charmaine: (singing) You're just my sweetest little girl i wanted to and i love you. And when you were born i can always love you couse you're my best friend.
  • Charmaine Jr.: (laughs)
  • Charmaine:

Part 2

Part 3

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