A Charmander.

Charmander (Hitokage in the Japanese) is a Fire-type Pokémon with a flame on the end of its tail. If the flame goes out, the Charmander will die.




The name Charmander comes from the words Char and Salamander, meaning a Burning Salamander.

Video Games

Charmander is a starter Pokémon in Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, Pokémon FireRed and Pokémon LeafGreen. This is the evolution chain:

Evolution Chain

At Level 16 it evolves into Charmeleon.

At Level 36 it evolves into Charizard.

Weaknesses, Resistances and Immunities

Weaknesses do double damage if one type is weak to the attack, and quadruple the damage if both types are. If one type is weak and the other is strong to the attack, then it does normal damage. If one type is strong to the atatck, then it does half the damage, and if both are, then it does a quarter of the damage.


WATER (x2)


ROCK (x2)


FIRE (x0.5)

GRASS (x0.5)

ICE (x0.5)

BUG (x0.5)

STEEL (x0.5)



Learnable Moves

These are the moves that Charmander can learn:

Level-Up Attacks

Level 1: Scratch

Level 4: Growl

Level 7: Ember

Level 10: Smokescreen

Level 13: Metal Claw

Level 16: Dragon Rage

Level 19: Rage

Level 19: Scary Face

Level 25: Fire Fang

Level 28: Slash

Level 34: Flamethrower

Level 37: Fire Spin

TM/HM Attacks

TM01 - Focus Punch | TM02 - Dragon Claw | TM06 - Toxic | TM10 - Hidden Power | TM11 - Sunny Day | TM17 - Protect | TM21 - Frustration | TM23 - Iron Tail | TM27 - Return | TM28 - Dig | TM31 - Brick Break | TM32 - Double Team | TM35 - Flamethrower | TM38 - Fire Blast | TM39 - Rock Tomb | TM40 - Aerial Ace | TM42 - Facade | TM43 - Secret Power | TM44 - Rest | TM45 - Attract | TM50 - Overheat | TM56 - Fling | TM58 - Endure | TM61 - Will-o-Wisp | TM65 - Shadow Claw | TM75 - Swords Dance | TM78 - Captivate | TM80 - Rock Slide | TM82 - Sleep Talk | TM83 - Natural Gift | TM87 - Swagger | TM90 - Substitute | HM01 - Cut | HM04 - Strength | HM06 - Rock Smash |

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