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About CTNS

CTNS, Charmed - The New Series is a Charmed Fan Fiction RPG Webseries, created by Justin Fair and Aron Young.

What if the Charmed Ones were guys? After a long time of roleplaying together and writing we decided we'd like to make a website based upon our RPG. This is completely fictional, none of this is true; or produced, but it is copyrighted (click the link for more information). We work on a new episode until we're done, then it is added to the website. This is basically the portal for our thoughts so that other people can see what we've like to do.

  • The "Official" Theme Song of CTNS is
"We Are" by Ana, featured on the Spider-man 2 Motion Picture Soundtrack.
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Behind CTNS

We're both big fans of Charmed, so we try to keep the same feel and same items in use. You'll find a lot of coincedences, repetition, and other devices...they are Charmed aren't they? We aren't copying or mimicing just to be doing that; we aren't changing names around. What we are doing, is keeping the line of Charmed Ones alive; showing that they are family; repeating some things to keep the tradition. You'll find that as the series spans more episodes and storylines are based off of classic-Charmed and are more creative. We like to institute new ideas, a new spin, something different---a work of art---to our storyline. Unlike some RPG websites only we role play, but think of this as an online television show that you read and that plays in your head.

This, therefore, is a literary fiction RPG based off of Charmed. It is like a spinoff, as it is a complicated but an interesting story to read. Some questions you'll have may be answered in each episode, or in another episode. If you truly want a good story to read, this is it. Don't let the first few episodes deter only gets better and more intune from there.

The Appropriate Audience is PG-13 due to the fact of mature situations, mature language/diction, and of thoughts, ideas, and characters. The dream cast are just wanted actors/actresses to play the parts of the characters, these actors/actresses are not the real actors/actresses.

The RPG is in no way in connection with the actual television series, movie, or book, and this copyright is to also serve as a disclaimer of that. Anything mentioned in the RPG is usually based upon the owners' ideas and is not to be taken seriously.

Series Synopsis

There are many prophecies telling of great powers in the world.

However, there is a specific prophecy telling of the three brothers--always telling of the lineage of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt--three brothers to rescue the world from evils; The Charmed Ones, the Chosen Three, the Prophecy, the Three Fold, the Almighty Brothers. The year is 2042, and Price, Pierce, and Pace Halliwell have been fighting demons and adjusting to magic all their lives while trying to live normal lives.

Though unfortunate, these three brothers have lost their connection between being brothers and being The Charmed Ones. Always told of their power from their very youth, and learning to live on their own, they have seemingly become used to magic and the battle of Good and Evil in their lives, yet their lives never seem to adapt. Our story focuses around the lives of the new generation of Charmed Ones and their journey through self-exploration, saving the world, and having families of their own. Discover a new world of darkness, enlightenment, anguish, secrecy, brotherhood, love, friendship, sex, success, failure, the supernatural, and humanity. This isn't the Charmed you're used to.

Follow the lives of the Halliwell brothers, as they fight the battles of Good and Evil, themselves, life, and their destiny.


The Brothers/The Charmed Ones

Rpg avatar season button paulw v1*Price Leonard Halliwell - (Played by Paul Walker) - Season 1-3

Born in 2007, Price is the son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. Price is half-Witch, half-Whitelighter. Price is the eldest of brothers to Pierce, Prin, and Pace Halliwell. Price was kidnapped as a child and only became reacquainted with his brothers in his teenage years. Price is the father of son, Isaac, and was married to his wife, Natalie. Price has grown to become the most successful magazine editor in San Fransisco, C.O.3. Magazine'. Price graduated with a university degree in Photography and Business Management. Price's powers initially resemble those of his mother, Piper, but has evolved around the matters of energy, temporal flux, and Whitelighter abilities. Price has shown Whitelighter abilities such as healing, power mimicing, and orbing. Price's Witch abilities are chronokinesis, external explosion, energy waves, deflection, control over fog, and internal explosion. Price died in 2048 beside his brothers in their final battle with Nick.

Rpg avatar season button victorw v1*Pierce Victor Halliwell - (Played by Victor Webster) - Season 1-3

Born in 2009, Pierce is the son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. Pierce is half-Witch, half-Whitelighter. Pierce grew as the eldest to his brothers Prin and Pace in his childhood (only to find he was truthfully the middle child of Price and Prin in his teenage years). Pierce is the father of son, Adam, with his wife, Rachel. Pierce is also the father of son, Reese, with his fiancee Alex. Pierce has grown to father the most successful restaurant in San Fransisco, Rainy Days (and the second restaurant, Bayside). Pierce graduated with a university degree in Culinary Arts and Business Management. Pierce's powers initially resemble those of his aunt, Prue, but have evolved to include spatial kinetic-mental (body, touch, mind), elemental, and Whitelighter abilities. Pierce reveals he has two charges as Whitelighter in Season 3, Carly Crane and Michael. Pierce has shown he has Whitelighter abilities such as morphing, teleportation (a off-set or Witch alternative/blend to orbing), and sensing. Pierce's Witch abilities are telekinesis, phasing, aerokinesis, invisiblility, and electrokinesis/photokinesis. Pierce died in 2048 beside his brothers in their final battle with Nick.

Rpg avatar season button mikev v1*Pace Samuel Halliwell - (Played by Mike Vogel) - Season 1-3

Born in 2014, Pace is the son of Paige Halliwell, the father unrevealed. Pace is a third-Witch, a third-Whitelighter, and a third-Oracle. Pace grew as the youngest brother to Price, Pierce, and Prin, only to discover in his adulthood that he was truly a cousin to Piper's kin, though he was raised to believe he was their brother. Pace is the father of daughter, Piper, with his wife, Nina. Pace has grown to own the family business, a club called P3 (sometimes referred to by other names), but this club is seldom played in the script in a living function, and is therefore believed to be more secretive, if not dead-one-minute, alive-the-next. Pace's university education is never mentioned, though he does refer to the fact that he, as did his brothers Price and Pierce, graduate from Bayside High School. Pace has always enjoyed a more social field of work, as he enjoys travelling, meeting different people, and therefore most of his connections always seem to root themselves in other areas outside of San Franscisco, such as New York or London. Pace's powers initially resemble those of his aunt, Phoebe, but have evolved more psychometric abilities as well. Strangely, while Price, Pierce, and Pace are the children of a Witch and Whitelighter, Pace is a child of a Half-Witch/Half-Whitelighter and Oracle--yet mostof Pace's abilities relate around his mother's Witch and father's Oracle side, while none of his abilities reflect any evident Whitelighter abilities. Pace's Oracle (though perhaps Witch) abilities are mind shield, bi-location/cloning, psychometry, and energy consumption. Pace's Witch abilities are premonitions, levitation, empathy, telepathy, and astral projection. At the end of Season One, Pace encounted a mystical creature called The Blue Phoenix that gave Pace additional and heightened abilities--engulfing a wide range of powers. Pace died in 2048 beside his brothers in their final battle with Nick.

Wives and Romances of the Charmed Ones

Rpg avatar season button elizad v1*Natalie Halliwell - (Played by Eliza Dushku) - Cameo in Seasons 1-2

Natalie was the Halliwell brothers' second Whitelighter. Being a Whitelighter herself along with having powerful mystic powers, she was their guide and was sort of like the fourth member. After marrying Price and having their first son together, she died in a terrible once-presumed-Demon-attack, truthfully an attack by her sister, Aruna. Natalie often comes to visit her son in his dreams and the Halliwell brothers only for drastic measures.

Rpg avatar season button ashleys v1*Nina Nachios - (Played by Ashley Scott) - Seasons 1-4

Nina is a Demon known as Nianna. She contains few powers, but they are extremely powerful. She is half-human, half-demon. Nina has the ability to teleport to one place to another, shoot electricity bolts, run in the speed of light, along with having super demon strength. Nina is powerful in her human form but in her demon form is just as strong as Asia. While dating the baby of the brothers, Pace, they decided to go their separate ways after Nina killed Pierce's girlfriend and whitelighter while she and Pierce were still teenagers. Almost 15 years later Nina came back, looking the same and introducing Pace's daughter to him.

Rpg avatar season button katieh v1*Rachel Halliwell - (Played by Katie Holmes) - Seasons 1-2

Rachel had always known herself to be human. No trace of magic had surfaced in her family and yet she had to battle with why she wasn't able to touch the Book Of Shadows. She wasn't evil, she had no evil intentions. And yet she was unable to touch the Book. With the help of her husband and family she was able to act through them through spells by touching them; like any human. But because of her being married to a Witch/Whitelighter, she was able to do more advanced spells with her family's help. She discovered during Season Two (Episode 19) that she was a 'Selenté', forcing her to deal with her imminent death. During Pierce's travel into the past (Episode 32), he discovered that Aruna vaguely foresaw her destiny; perhaps explaining why she was unable to touch the Book of Shadows after all. When Pierce temporarily resurrected the soul of Rachel (Episode 36), he learned that through her passing into the after-life that her father had been a mystical being, and was turned into a warlock who managed to banish his evil and shame away--magically resulting in her becoming a Selenté as a result of family bloodstain. While Pierce deeply misses Rachel, by his very ability to see her again, he found the strength to love again--and teach his children how to honor her memory even more.

Rpg avatar season button elishac v1*Victoria Wilson - (Played by Elisha Cuthbert) - Seasons 3-4

Rpg avatar season button kieles v1*Alexandra Moore - (Played by Kiele Sanchez) - Seasons 3-4

Born in 2011. Not much is know about Alex, except that she met Pierce outside of Rainy Days after keeping her eyes on him for some time at work. She and Pierce have gradually progressed on their relationship, and is related to some form of Mysticism. Though Alex does not know of any apparent magic in her family, she is destined to be with Pierce and have a son named Reese, who will grow to have the gift of controlling and seeing through time. Pierce and Alex's relationship was foreseen by Pierce through a vision into the future in Season Two after the death of his late wife, Rachel.

Children of the Charmed Ones

Piper is the only daughter of Pace and Nina. She possesses powers from both her Father and Mother's geneology. When adult Piper travelled back in time (Season Two), she showed the ability of premonitions. As a young adult, Piper has so far showed that she can also fade (teleport), and explode objects but only when touched by a special form of orbs. Piper's younger brother is Payce. Her powers seem to follow her uncle Price's, followed by those of her grandmother and great-aunt, Piper.
Isaac is Price's and Natalie's only son. Isaac is half whitelighter-witch, and half-mystic. When adult Iaaac traveled back in time (Season Two), Isaac has shown the ability of deflection, to mimic and control others' powers, and telekinetic orbing. Isaac's younger sister is Isabella. His powers seem to mimic his father's.
Adam is Pierce and Rachel's only child. Adam has shown the same abilities as his Father, Pierce, such as telekinesis, projecting light as energy, and sensing. Adam's younger brother is Reese. His powers mimic his father's.
Reese is Pierce and Alexandra's only child. Reese can see through time, freeze time, and astral project. Reese's older brother is Adam. His powers seem to mimic his uncle Price's and his father, following his grandmother and great-aunt Prue.
Isabella is Price and Victoria's only child. Isabella can orb and has cyrokinesis. Isabella's older brother is Isaac. Her powers seem to mimic his Uncle Prin's and Uncle Price's.
Payce is Pace and Nina's second child. Payce's older sister is Piper. His powers seem to mimic his father's.

Birth years, excluding time lapses:

Season One 2042-2043: We meet Piper after she turns Nine, Isaac turns Five

Season Two 2043-2044: Piper turns Ten, Isaac turns Six, Adam is born

Season Three 2047-2048: Piper turned Fourteen, Isaac just turned ten, Adam turns four; at the final months of 2048 Isabella, Reese, and Pace Jr. are born.

Friends and Family

Rpg avatar season button seanm v1*Ethan Crane - (Played by Sean Maher) - Seasons 1-3; Cameos in Season 4

Born in 2013, an average kid in New York, Ethan lived as a normal teenager until his senior year of high school. Naturally a handsome a tall man, like his father, Ethan never had any problems in life, until he learned of his being a wizard. Like his Grandfather but not like his Father he inherited the powers. A special type of Wizard, Ethan's powers of Wizardry have limited domain over the elements, kinetic force, matter, all through the command of his wand. His wand, a dark blue stick, he casually stores on his belt loop. Though he may have control over things that most Witches or Demons may not, he strength varies. If need be, he may still prove to be a formidable foe to the Charmed Ones.

Rpg avatar season button annaf v1*Carly Turner Crane - (Played by Anna Faris) - Seasons 1-3; Cameos in Season 4

Born in 2014. Carly's only revealed power is telepathy. In almost all of her jobs in life her telepathy has come in handy. Unfortunately, Carly doesn't even realize she has her telepathy. She always has believed its due to her beautiful eyes, blonde hair, or curved body, but in truth it is her power. Her telepathy is relatively on a normal scale; where as her power can work even on a Charmed One. Though Carly has telepathy, we do not know if her brother, Brent [Season One], had a power of his own. As Carly has grown to know Pierce like a brother, and has married Ethan, she has become very knowledgable on her magical side, and continues to help out the Halliwells as well as the rest of the magical community.

Rpg avatar season button scottw v1*Brent Turner - (Played by Scott Wolf) - Season 1

Brent was Pierce's boss as of Season 1, and is a brother to Carly; but left to persue other business opportunities. If Brent was truly a Witch, he never showed any active signs.

Rpg avatar season button kellyh v1*Enrica the Oracle - (Played by Kelly Hu) - Season 3

Enrica has appeared many times to The Charmed Ones to help them for her own sake as well as for the Greater Good. She enjoys toying with them but being of help all at the same time.

Rpg avatar season button forbesm v1*Prince Christopher Halliwell - (Played by Forbes March) - Season 3

Born in 2011, Prin is the son of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt. Prin is half-Witch, half-Whitelighter. Prin grew as the middle-child to his brothers Pierce and Pace in his childhood. Prin's life was cut short during a Demon attack in an attempt to save his brothers' lives. Prin attended Bayside High School. Prin's powers initially resemble those of his father, Leo, but have shown to center around aquatic abilities and Whitelighter abilities. Prin's Witch abilities include hydrokinesis and cyrokinesis. His Whitelighter abilities include as orbing and healing. Strangely, Prin and his elder brother, Price, share basically the same powers. It is believed that if Price focused hard enough, he may be able to concentrate his own abilities into true water and true ice...though this is indefinite as Price never attempts this. It would appear that Price and Prin simply share the same Whitelighter abilities, while Prin's cyrokinesis is control over ice, while Price's control over fog never liquifies or solidifies to such extremes. It is therefore unsure if Price inherited these abilities from his deceased brother---or if he had any powers before Prin's death. Prin was a Charmed One whose potential was never realized. Though once thought that his spirit had moved on forever, Prin now, on very rare occasion, is able to appear to his family in their time of need. It is unclear as to how or why Prin has not moved on and continues to watch over his family.
  • Oxy the Demon Hunter - Seasons 2-4
Loren is an apprentice to Enrica the Oracle. Little is known about Loren except that he has good intentions, has a flair for the dramatic, is not evil, and has several powers/abilities.

Enemies and Foes

Asia was a high-level Demon. Being Lucifer's youngest daughter, she murdered him and took over Hell. Being banished to a world and escaping into the after-life she was reborn onto Earth. Now seeking to kill the Charmed Ones' son, Isaac. With god-like strength, fast-healing power, telekinesis, telepathy/mind control, energy balls, morphing, etc. she is one of most lethal evils the Charmed Ones have ever faced. Though her powers are strong, the Power Of Three prevented her from getting to Isaac effectively. With Isaac's blood she would be able to reunite to her thrown in Hell and rule unapposed. Unfortunately, Asia gave into human perception and was ultimately defeated when she underestimated the Charmed Ones.

Episode Guide

Season Soundtracks

Not a real CD album, simply a collection of songs that have inspired CTNS writers.

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