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Chase Neverland

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She who brings battle

"What would I have done without Chase and her family? She always watched out for me as I was growing up, and her family kept an eye on me too. She's such a strong person, but it's like she doesn't know what direction she wants to go in. Whenever she decides, though, I know I don't want to be standing in her way. I'll be right beside her, helping out if I can." -Ryak

"My first impression of her was not a great one, she seemed unsure of herself, but perhaps that was just the shock of finding a dead Dwarf(WE) on our collective door step. But now I see that she does have a good head on her shoulders, she asks plenty of questions and takes the time to hear and calculate all the answers she receives before reaching a conclusion. She doesn't discriminate the facts according to who she gets them from. I can see why she is a captain and I'm sure that she could go far in the ranks of the guards as long as she sticks to her convictions". -Ellenore

"Name her Flashing-steel. She have gaze like thousand miles. Like sister Nakhara not see all time. Not close to Nakhara, but Ayasa respect her. Think-think Flashing-steel and Greets-with-horns defeat all enemies we meet on path of blood. She first and last of brothers-sisters. The life of brothers-sisters shorter without Flashing-steel." -Nakhara

"Thank God for Chase. We certainly don't see eye to eye, and she's not so quick to make decisions... how she made it to a higher rank I'll never know... but she listens to reason, and for some reason Ryak seems to respect her. Sometimes I feel like I really need to knock some sense into him, but if she can keep him at least semi-grounded I might not have to. I need to keep her on my good side." -Elysia

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