History of Chase's Life

Chase the Runaway is a half-human, half-dray from the world of Ditto Town. He was taken from his parents, Ral and Christopher Chase, when he was five years old and placed in the evil School that was begun as part of the Organization and run by John the Headmaster. For the next ten years Chase barely survived his "lessons" in what his purpose in life was, and always he made attempts to run away from the School.

His friends in the School included Tommy, the musician and inventor; Christie, the Prophetess who drew the future; and Dahg, the Assassin who was an expert in all subjects related to his purpose, including Walking the Mist. Chase's other constant companion was Aro, his evil alter-ego who had a physical body.

When he was fifteen, Chase escaped the evil School, but his friend Tommy was killed by the Headmaster's minions because of this. In that struggle, the Headmaster was also killed.

Not many days after leaving the School, Chase met Rana Peters, who had lost her brother and father to a monster's rage. The two of them later met the Star Defenders and helped in the rescue mission to save Angela Brecker at the end of the sixth Ditto Story, DisOrganization! During the Rescue Mission, Chase met Kar the dray and Ambrose the half-gargoyle. Kar gave Chase a PDA that had once belonged to John the Headmaster.

After this Chase, Rana, and the Star Defenders returned to the cave of the monster that killed Rana's father and brother. The monster was killed using the sword that Chase had found on an earlier visit to the cave. That night, Chase returned to the cave and fell through the floor into a secret room in which a computer was hidden. Entering a code from the PDA into the computer, CHase found himself whirled away into the Mist.

In the Mist, Chase saw his friends and acquaintances as they waited for him to appear, but he was prevented form going to them by the Gorgon Losf. At last exiting the Mist, Chase fell into the Fountain in the middle of Ditto Town's Town Square. There he met Greya the silver Elf, and together with Rana they journeyed to the town near the School Chase had escaped from, intending to rescue his friend Christie. There they discovered that the School was now run by the Headmistress, who was much worse than John had ever dreamed of being.

They tracked Christie to a nobleman's house, and when they arrived, they found both Christie and Dahg dead on the floor. Christie had left Chase a letter, in which she explained that he was the Twilit Warrior and that the sword he had found was Talarais, the Twilight Blade. Also in the letter was a drawing Christie had made of the future, which when placed beneath a similar one drawn by Greya revealed a more complete picture of the Town's future. The group was interrupted by the nobleman of the house, who was really Losf in disguise. Chase discovered one of the sword's powers: making a twilight in which only he and his friends could see. They escaped in this twilight, the house burning behind them through the effects of a Fire Card borrowed from the Star Defenders.

The group was met by Aro as they left the town, and he gave Chase an amulet that had belonged to Kar. Ambrose also appeared and said that the amulet was one of five and that Chase would need them all to win.

Back in Ditto Town, Chase learned from Torla that Dahg was not dead: he had been in the Cup and Platter only the night before!

After setting a trap for the intruder Torla described as Dahg, Chase found that it was not Dahg who had entered the Cup and Platter, but Carl, the man who had trained Dahg. Carl tells a story of secrecy and lost hope to Chase, swearing his fealty to the Twilit One. Chase dibelieves him. Also in the incident and the C & P, Chase found the amulet that had once been his father's.

Chase was swept away to the Salesman's lair, where he began training in Walking the Mist with the aid of Christie, who had been secreted away by the eccentric dwarf. Chase went on to help Katherine Grayson free her cousins and brother who were held hostage by the Hunter, a servant of the Nine. In the escape, he encountered a Marksman, who also served the Nine but who did not seem to wish Chase as much ill as his masters, and who also wants to watch Chase for some reason of his own.

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