Chattur'gha was a member of the Dragon Triad, the elite henchmen of Verkai, leader of the Exiles. He is an impossibly muscular blood-red Nogan with crimson eyes.


Chattur'gha was born Arhuda Ragingsun to Vollar and Adurna Ragingsun of the Desert Clan. He was a tall, fit Nogan with sandy brown skin and topaz-coloured eyes.

During his youth, Arhuda showed an aptitude for hunting and fighting, something that did not go unnoticed by his elders. In fact, during the annual fighting tournaments that were looked forward to by many of the male teenagers in the Clan, Arhuda won the Champion's Rod nine times consecutively- something that was previously unheard of and thoroughly breaking the old record of four consecutive wins by Brakka the Great, a Desert Clan elder.

When he was 23 years of age Darius, one of the elders and a secret follower of Verkai, informed the Omnipresent One of Arhuda's strength and combat abilities. Verkai then decided to keep an eye on the young Nogan when Darius, having offered Arhuda a chance to use his fighting skills for real, successfully recruited him to join the Exiles.

During his time in the Exile army, Arhuda's superiors were instantly impressed by his combat skills and tactical planning (well, as much of it that there was, anyhow). He soon found himself as a drill sergeant of a squadron, where he met Qymaen and, intolerant of his rude and disrespectful behavior, disciplined him often by challenging him to fights and always winning, usually seriously hurting Qymaen in the process. After a year of being in the squadron, Verkai approached Arhuda and offered him the chance of joining the Dragon Triad. Arhuda immediately accepted, and soon after journeyed to a cave on Bloodfang Mountain (a peak on an inhospitable islet just south of the island of the Exiles) and encountered the Altar of Power. The Altar transformed him into the muscular form he has today. Also, after he returned, Verkai officially crowned him a member of the Dragon Triad and gave him the name Chattur'gha, after an Ancient of old.

While on Terros-Nui to eradicate the Pure Nogans, he fell in love with Varya. Unfortunately, his love was not requited, and he killed himself. Soon after, Verkai found a replacement for the empty spot in the Dragon Triad: Mantorok.

Ulyaoth took Chattur'gha's body back to the island of the Exiles for a quiet burial in the Hall of the Fallen, where he has his own statue made of crimson crystal from Bloodfang Mountain.


  • Superhuman strength
  • The ability to manifest crimson energy
  • Berserk Rage: During this time, Chattur'gha's eyes become bright yellow and he is transformed into a beast intent on merely killing, similar to the long-term effects of Visorak venom or the Bloodwrath in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques. \

Nid: Hehe...Chatty's a badger, Chatty's a badger, Cha-

  *Chattur'ga's ghost stomps on Nid*


  • A long dagger with a silver blade turned crimson by blood.

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