How to check a Dawson's report

Also see: Shelf Ready Books

A Dawson's report shows orders that have been updated and sent and are about to arrive in the department. This is our chance to mark the books into those that need further work in-house and those that don't. It enables quick sorting when the books arrive in the department.

What to do:

  • Bring up the record in Cataloguing > Bibliographic by typing in the control number given at the end of the first line of each item on the report.
  • If 2 records appear when you put in ISBN check which is better record, check which has item details, if item details are missing on better record then relink in Acquisitions.
  • Leave the contribution tab at the top of the screen as ‘not contribute’ unless you (a) amend the record or (b) are dealing with multiple copies. In which case please change the tab to ‘local protect – do not contribute’.
  • Check to see if an item is attached to the bib. record.
If it is not go to Acquisitions > orders and type in the order number. Bring the order record up and look up the BIB ID. In this way you will find where the item actually is. It may be that the incoming item is of a newer edition etc to the item ordered and so has been given a different bibliographic record. Alert the assistant librarian to this problem. Do not create a new item.
  • Check record quality - e.g. capital letters in title, correct title, complete page numbers, illustrations, size, subject headings, authors and editors, relevant 846 fields.
  • Look out for CD-ROMs - amend from ‘inside back pocket’ etc. to ‘Accompanied by CD-ROM’.
  • If everything is in order, authorise all Ps and Us.
  • Make list of merging to be carried out for the authority files.
  • If there are problems with the record add a PC or CS report to the order and do not authorise the Ps and Us.

How to add a PC & CS report

  • In Talis go to acquisitions/orders
  • Open up the record (type in the control no. or the LK number, then press F9)
  • Go to the ‘report’ tag and click on the symbol of a magnifying glass.
  • Go to the ‘last report date box’. Click on the magnifying glass. If a report is already there click ‘add new’.
  • Put in PC or CS into the report box.

    • Type ’’PC’’ for records which can be checked by cataloguing assistants. These are records which need page numbers added or typing errors tidied up.
    • Type ‘’CS’’ for records to be checked by a cataloguing librarian. These are records which need subject headings or have multiple errors or missing fields or lack a classmark.
    • Two serials which are treated as monographs have difficult records and therefore should be marked as CS. These are Global Architecture Document (GA) and Autonomous Urbanism

  • Save
  • In the notes field note give a brief explanation as to why the item is PC or CS e.g., no barcodes, no subject heading.
  • Save

Cdb 20:58, 14 February 2008 (UTC)

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