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The Universe of Cheeseburger Brown

Cheeseburger Brown is an author of science fiction (among other things). His blognovel Simon Of Space was published chapter by chapter over a period of approximately three months and is due for dead tree publication in the near future. Previous to that he wrote The Darth Side, a poignant and disturbing tale relating the last days of Darth Vader (Yes that Darth Vader) in his own diary. Mr Brown currently publishes short fiction at I Am A Cheeseburger.

This Wiki's purpose is to serve as a guide, and a timeline for Mr. Brown's fiction which currently spans approximately 20 or 30 of his universe's millenia. These pages may be edited and discussed, however prior warning must be given if major plot spoilers lie in wait for an unsuspecting reader, we don't want to spoil the fun for newcomers.

If you are relatively new to Mr. Brown's work then we respectfully suggest that you go and read some more before continuing any further into this wiki. Simon Of Space makes a good starting point and is a fairly epic tale all on its own. As more shorts are written the scope of the tale being told will become evident. We also recommend reading the comments, Mr. Brown is not an author working in isolation, he's interactive.

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