Cheese Sandwich's Secret and Other Spike Adventures is a My Little Pony/Thomas parody of the Thomas and Friends US video, Salty's Secret and Other Thomas Adventures. It features six Season 6 episodes of Spike the Dragon and Friends narrated by Alec Baldwin and a song.


  • Spike as Thomas
  • Shining Armor as Edward
  • Filthy Rich as Henry
  • Big Macintosh as Gordon
  • Cranky Doodle Donkey as James
  • Pipsqueak as Percy
  • Braeburn as Toby
  • Snips as Bill
  • Snails as Ben
  • Caramel as Harvey
  • Twilight Sparkle as Mavis
  • Cheese Sandwich as Salty
  • Changelings as Troublesome Trucks
  • Angel as Bertie
  • Trixie as Elizabeth
  • Owlowiscious as Harold
  • Gustave Le Grand as Cranky
  • Hoity Toity as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Burnt Oak as Cyril the Fogman
  • Apple Bloom as Annie (does not speak)
  • Sweetie Belle as Clarabel (does not speak)
  • Scootaloo as Henrietta (does not speak)
  • Soarin as Duck (cameo)
  • Night Light as Donald (cameo)
  • Featherweight as Terence (cameo)
  • Gummy as Trevor (cameo)
  • Cheery Jubilee as The Refreshment Lady (cameo)
  • Garble as Bulgy (mentioned)
  • Everyone else as Themselves


  1. Cheese Sandwich's Secret
  2. Caramel To The Rescue
  3. No Sleep For Gustave
  4. The Fogpony
  5. A Bad Day For Owlowiscious
  6. The Great and Powerful Trixie


  • Cranky the Really Splendid Donkey


Cheese Sandwich's Secret

Narrator: "All the animals in Ponyville love their work. But sometimes there is too much work. That's when Hoity Toity brings new animals to the town.

Cheese Sandwich the Party Pony is one of these animals. He loves to tell tales of parties."

Cheese Sandwich: "We partied until the old pony had a lot of fun. Ah, it's good to be useful!"

Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich is excited about coming to Ponyville. Some towns had parties. Cheese Sandwich loves parties. Soon, Cheese Sandwich arrived at his new job."

Cheese Sandwich: "Hey there! Cheese Sandwich, pride of all parties. I'm a new earth pony, and I'm here to give you some help."

Narrator: "Snips and Snails didn't think they needed any help. Especially from a earth pony."

Twilight Sparkle: "Welcome to Center Ponyville Quarry."

Narrator: "Twilight Sparkle said proudly. Cheese Sandwich looked all around. Everywhere he looked he saw nothing but rocks."

Cheese Sandwich: "A quarry?"

Narrator: "He cried."

Cheese Sandwich: "There must be some mistake. I'm a party pony."

Twilight Sparkle: "You're a quarry pony now."

Narrator: "Twilight said. And she explained that they had to complete an important job for Hoity Toity. Cheese Sandwich was sad that he wouldn't be working with parties. But he knew what it meant to be a Really Useful Pony. And he set to work at once."

Cheese Sandwich: "Ah, well."

Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich said."

Cheese Sandwich: "At least there be changelings."

Twilight Sparkle: "You'd better mind them."

Narrator: "Twilight said."

Twilight Sparkle: "They can be a bother."

Snips: "He won't last five minutes."

Narrator: "Said Snips."

Snails: "Those changelings will trip him up soon enough."

Narrator: "Said Snails.

But to Snips and Snails' surprise, the changelings seemed to give Cheese Sandwich no trouble at all."

Cheese Sandwich: "Yo ho ho and a bucket of punch. The tiller spins and the pony yawns. Yo ho ho and a bucket of punch. The tiller spins-"

Narrator: "Sang Cheese Sandwich."

Changelings: "And the pony yawns."

Narrator: "Sang the changelings.

Thanks to Cheese Sandwich, Hoity Toity's important job was almost done. Snips and Snails were surprised, and a little jealous."

Snails: "Here comes Mister Show-off."

Narrator: "Groused Snails."

Twilight Sparkle: "You have to admit he's got a knack with those changelings."

Narrator: "Said Twilight."

Snips: "Driver says he'll bore the tails off us with his stories."

Narrator: "Huffed Snips. But Cheese Sandwich didn't say a word. He didn't come near the house.

Twilight was worried. She walked alongside and asked him what he was doing on his own."

Cheese Sandwich: "Oh, I thought I might catch a bit of party breeze."

Twilight Sparkle: "You really do miss the parties, don't you?"

Narrator: "Asked Twilight."

Cheese Sandwich: "Yes."

Narrator: "Said Cheese Sandwich."

Cheese Sandwich: "I do."

Narrator: "But Cheese Sandwich knew the quarry work was important. The next day, he tried to show Snips and Snails his secret with the changelings."

Cheese Sandwich: "I like working to a musical rhythm."

Narrator: "He said."

Cheese Sandwich: "And so do the changelings. Why don't you give it a try, you guys?

Here we go, here we go, here we go."

Snips and Snails: "No we don't, no we don't, no we don't, don't don't.

Narrator: "But try as they might, Snips and Snails could not move the changelings the way Cheese Sandwich could.

Later that day, Hoity Toity came to the quarry. He was surprised to see the job had been completed."

Hoity Toity: "Well done."

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity."

Twilight Sparkle: "It was Cheese Sandwich."

Narrator: "Said Twilight."

Twilight Sparkle: "We couldn't have done it without him."

Hoity Toity: "Then I've got a bigger job for you, Cheese Sandwich."

Cheese Sandwich: "Yes, sir. What kind of quarry is it?"

Hoity Toity: "Quarry?"

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "I'm sending you to Sugar Cube Corner."

Cheese Sandwich: "Sugar Cube Corner?!"

Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich exclaimed."

Cheese Sandwich: "Sugar Cube Corner always helps with parties! Oh, thank you sir!"

Narrator: "He said."

Cheese Sandwich: "This reminds me of a time in Manehatten."

Narrator: "And Cheese Sandwich was telling stories again.

Cheese Sandwich loves Sugar Cube Corner. He gets more work done than any three ponies and feels Really Useful. And only the changelings know his secret."

Cheese Sandwich: "Yo ho ho and a bucket of punch. The tiller spins and the pony yawns."

Caramel To The Rescue

Narrator: The animals in Hoity Toity's town love the Train Station. There's always lots of work to keep them busy. And they enjoy seeing new arrivals in Ponyville.

An exciting new arrival was a pony Gustave Le Grand was unloading. It was heavy."

Gustave: "This makes my wings ache!"

Narrator: "Groaned Gustave."

Hoity Toity: "This is Caramel, the Earth Pony."

Narrator: "Hoity Toity said proudly. The other animals thought Caramel looked strange. Caramel was happy to be on the ground. He didn't like dangling from Gustave's arms at all."

Hoity Toity: "These gentlemen are the Town Board."

Narrator: "Hoity Toity said."

Hoity Toity: "Tomorrow, Caramel will give them a demonstration. If it goes well, he will join the town."

Pipsqueak: "What's a dimmer station?"

Spike: "Demonstration."

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Spike: "It's when you show off what you can do."

Angel: "Like when Spike and I have a race."

Narrator: "Said Angel.

That evening, Spike had just returned from a hard day's work. He saw Caramel standing near the library. Caramel could hear the other animals talking about him. This made him sad."

Filthy Rich: "Caramel's different."

Narrator: "Said Filthy Rich."

Shining Armor: "He doesn't even look like a pony."

Narrator: "Said Shining Armor."

Big Macintosh: "Surely Hoity Toity won't let him take buffaloes."

Narrator: "Sniffed Big Macintosh."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "He's just Gustave on hooves!"

Narrator: "Said Cranky."

Pipsqueak: "He's not taking my mail!"

Narrator: "Said Pipsqueak.

Spike felt sorry for Caramel."

Spike: "Don't worry. Sometimes it takes time to make new friends."

Narrator: "But Caramel wasn't sure he wanted to stay where no one wanted him.

The next morning, Hoity Toity sent the animals off to a useful day's work."

Caramel: "Maybe my coming here wasn't such a good idea, sir."

Narrator: "Caramel chuffed sadly."

Hoity Toity: "Nonsense!"

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity."

Caramel: "But the animals don't like me. I'm too different."

Hoity Toity: "Different is what makes you special."

Narrator: "And that made Caramel feel better.

Out on the branch path, Pipsqueak was having trouble with the changelings."

Changelings: "Faster we go. Faster was go. Pull him along. Don't let him slow!"

Pipsqueak: "Help!"

Narrator: "Cried Pipsqueak. His driver applied the brakes, but it was too late. He went off the path at Garble's Bridge.

Luckily, no one was hurt. Angel arrived and was pleased Pipsqueak was all right. But he was also very cross."

Angel: "You've blocked the path!"

Narrator: "Angel snapped. He was worried he wouldn't get the gentleman of the Town Board to the demonstration on time.

When Hoity Toity heard the news, he went straight to Caramel."

Hoity Toity: "I need you to rescue one of my animals."

Caramel: "I'll do my best, sir."

Narrator: "Caramel said bravely. And he set off immediately.

Caramel soon arrived and went to work."

(Caramel puts Pipsqueak back on the path)

Narrator: "In no time, Pipsqueak was back on the path. The gentleman of the Town Board were very impressed."

Hoity Toity: "That was the best demonstration of all! The gentlemen of the Town Board have decided you shall join the town."

Caramel: "Oh, thank you, sir!"

Narrator: "Said Caramel proudly.

That night, Caramel heard the animals talking again. This time it was different."

Big Macintosh: "Well done, Caramel!"

Narrator: "Said Big Mac."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Very useful!"

Narrator: "Said Cranky."

Pipsqueak: "You can take my mail."

Narrator: "Said Pipsqueak."

Spike: "You see,"

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Spike: "Different can be good."

Narrator: "All the animals agreed."

Animals: "Welcome to the Ponyville Town!"

Narrator: "They called. Caramel smiled happily."

No Sleep For Gustave

Narrator: "The Ponyville Harbor is one of the busiest harbors on all of Equestria. It's where ships and animals alike are busy day and night, every day of the year.

But Poor Gustave le Grand never gets a nap! He never gets to sleep early, he works all the time! And his only company are the gulls who settle on him, so Gustave is always cranky."

Cheese Sandwich: "Ahoy there, Gustave!"

Narrator: "Cried Cheese Sandwich."

Gustave: "Where have you been?"

Narrator: "Snapped Gustave."

Cheese Sandwich: "And a good day to you, too, Captain."

Narrator: "Snips and Snails arrived for work, full of mischief."

Gustave: "Hurry up!"

Narrator: "Snapped Gustave."

Gustave: "I Haven't got all day!"

Snips: "You're no fun!"

Narrator: "Grumbled Snips."

Gustave: "You wouldn't be fun if you were stuck up here!"

Narrator: "Snapped Gustave."

Snips: "So that's why you're cranky."

Narrator: "Said Snips."

Snails: "You're lonely."

Narrator: "Said Snails."

Gustave: "I'm not!"

Narrator: "Gustave cranked."

Cheese Sandwich: "So, it's company you be needing?"

Narrator: "Said Cheese Sandwich."

Cheese Sandwich: "Reminds me of a lonely old Grand Banks Lighthouse keeper."

Gustave: "Not another one of your stories!"

Narrator: "Cried Gustave.."

Snips and Snails: "Oh, Please, Cheese Sandwich."

Narrator: "They chimed."

Snips and Snails: "We haven't heard it."

Cheese Sandwich: "Twas in the middle of a wee naughty storm."

Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich began."

Cheese Sandwich: "The likes of which you see once in a lifetime."

Narrator: "This made Gustave very cranky. So cranky, that he swung his arm around, and dropped the pipes onto the ground, instead of the boxes."

Gustave: "Whoops."

Narrator: "Said Gustave."

Cheese Sandwich: "You've blown the main now, matey!"

Narrator: "Said Cheese Sandwich.

The animals were trapped."

Snips and Snails: "You're gonna get into trouble!"

Narrator: "Sang Snips and Snails."

Narrator: "Hoity Toity was in his office, being measured for a new suit. When he heard the news, he left immediately for the harbor. Hoity Toity knew that any delay at the harbor could cause trouble."

Hoity Toity: "You have made a terrible mess, Gustave."

Narrator: "He said sternly."

Gustave: "I'm sorry, sir."

Narrator: "Gustave whispered."

Hoity Toity: "You animals will have to stay here tonight until Caramel clears up this mess in the morning."

Narrator: "Gustave's heart sank, as Cheese Sandwich uttered those fateful words..."

Cheese Sandwich: "This reminds me of a story.

It was a bitter cold winter. The brave little ship was stuck until the ice melted the next spring.

He barely made it round the cape. After a hundred scary days at sea without a scratch, he sailed into port, and crashed his bow about 15 feet from my own feet.

Luckily, no one was hurt."

Gustave: "Except my ears."

Narrator: "Wailed Gustave."

Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich spent all night telling tales of powerful storms, daring rescues, and brave little ships, and when the sun rose, he was still talking, and talking, and talking."

Gustave: "I can't take any more!"

Narrator: "Groaned Gustave.

Caramel arrived."

Caramel: "Hoity Toity sent me to help clear away this mess."

Narrator: "He puffed proudly.

Gustave was so glad the animals would be leaving soon, he forgot to be cranky."

Gustave: "I'll never misbehave again,"

Narrator: "He promised."

Gustave: "As long as I don't have to listen to any more of Cheese Sandwich's stories!"

Narrator: "And after Caramel, and the workmen had cleared the mess, Gustave worked hard all day. He carefully loaded the cargo, helped speed the animals on their way, and said 'please' and 'thank you'."

Spike: "This is new."

Narrator: "Puffed Spike.

But he had spoken too soon. Gustave couldn't help himself."

Pipsqueak: "It was nice while it lasted."

Narrator: "Said Pipsqueak.

And all the animals laughed,

but Gustave was still cranky!"

The Fogpony

Narrator: "It was winter in Ponyville. The first fogs had began to roll in from the sea.

Spike, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle love the quiet of the valley. But Spike must be careful of rocks that sometimes roll onto the path.

Burnt Oak, the Fogpony, has a very important job. He puts detonators on the path to warn the animals when there's fog ahead."

Spike: "Oooh!"

Narrator: "Shivered Spike, as he ran over the detonator."

Spike: "That made my feet tingle."

Spike's Driver: "Burnt Oak's done his job."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Spike's Driver: "We'd better slow down. There's fog ahead."

Spike: "Thank you, Burnt Oak!"

Narrator: "Said Spike.

That night, at the library, Hoity Toity had something special to show the animals. It was very large and strange looking."

Pipsqueak: "What is it?"

Narrator: "Asked Pipsqueak."

Hoity Toity: "It's a new invention; a Ponyville Foghorn."

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "It warns you when there's fog ahead like this."

(Foghorn goes off, and some slate from a roof fall off)

Pipsqueak: "That's loud!"

Narrator: "Said Pipsqueak."

Cranky Doodle Donkey: "Too loud!"

Narrator: "Huffed Cranky."

Big Macintosh: "Sounds like a tugboat to me!"

Narrator: "Grumbled Big Mac. Spike looked worried."

Spike: "What will Burnt Oak do now?"

Narrator: "He asked."

Hoity Toity: "He'll be getting a much needed rest."

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "Besides, this new foghorn will be more reliable."

Spike: "Poor Burnt Oak."

Narrator: "Whispered Spike."

Spike: "He's been scrapped."

Narrator: "The next day, Pipsqueak was cheerfully chuffing through Misty Valley when suddenly..."

(Foghorn goes off)

Pipsqueak: "Oh jeepers!"

Narrator: "Exclaimed Pipsqueak."

Pipsqueak: "That foghorn is so loud, it rattles my ears. It doesn't even make my hooves tingle."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Still, we better slow down."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "There's fog ahead."

Narrator: "The foghorn had been so loud that it made the hillside shake.

No sooner was Pipsqueak out of sight, when one rock fell, then another and another."

(A rock slide falls and blocks the path)

Narrator: "Before long, the path was blocked, and the foghorn was crushed.

Not faraway, Spike was puffing happily right on time."

Spike: "I can't see a thing!"

Narrator: "Said Spike. And then, before he could think of anything else..."


Spike: "Bust my hands!"

Narrator: "Cried Spike."

Spike: "What happened to the foghorn?"

Spike's Driver: "I don't know."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Spike's Driver: "But at least nobody's been hurt."

Spike's Fireman: "Braeburn will be coming down the path any minute."

Narrator: "Said his fireman."

Spike: "If there's no foghorn,"

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Spike: "He'll run into us!"

Burnt Oak: "Leave it to me!"

Narrator: "Called a voice from the fog."

Spike: "It's Burnt Oak!"

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Spike: "I hope he's in time."

Narrator: "Braeburn and his filly, Scootaloo were chuffing along. Braeburn was looking forward to a well earned drink at the station when..."

Braeburn: "Fog detonators!"

Narrator: "Puffed Braeburn."

Braeburn's Driver: "There must be fog ahead."

Narrator: "Said his driver."

Braeburn's Driver: "We'd better slow down."

Narrator: "And just around the next bend, with his hooves still tingling, Braeburn was very glad they did. Otherwise, they would've crashed into Spike's wreck.

Soon the path was cleared, and Spike was back on the road."

Spike: "If it hadn't been for Burnt Oak,"

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Spike: "Braeburn might have had a worst accident than me."

Hoity Toity: "Instead of replacing Burnt Oak with the foghorn,"

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity."

Hoity Toity: "We'll replace the foghorn with Burnt Oak. You're clearly more reliable."

Burnt Oak: "Thank you, sir."

Narrator: "Said Burnt Oak."

Braeburn: "And thank you."

Narrator: "Said Braeburn."

Spike: "New inventions are all very well."

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Pipsqueak: "But they don't make my hooves tingle."

Narrator: "Said Pipsqueak."

A Bad Day For Owlowiscious

Narrator: "Owlowiscious the Owl loves flying. Up in the bright blue sky, over Ponyville, he looks out for anyone in distress.

Sometimes he delivers the mail. This makes Pipsqueak very cross."

Owlowiscious: "The mail run is done. Is there any more? I can deliver it for you in a jiff! That's what friends are for."

Pipsqueak: "Delivering the mail is a pony's job!"

Narrator: "Said Pipsqueak grumpily.

Pipsqueak has many jobs, but carrying the mail is his favorite. It makes him feel really useful.

The next morning, Pipsqueak was happily delivering the mail."

Pipsqueak: "Must be on time, must be on time!"

Narrator: "He chuffed.

But up ahead, there was trouble with the signal box. It was broken. The signal engineers did not know how long it would take to fix. Pipsqueak had to stop, It's not safe for animals to run without signals. But Pipsqueak was very upset."

Pipsqueak: "I'm going to be late."

Narrator: "He cried."

Pipsqueak: "And it's not even my fault!"

Narrator: "Hoity Toity was in his office enjoying his toast and marmalade when he heard the news."

Hoity Toity: "Pipsqueak is stuck at a broken signal? Then Owlowiscious must take the mail."

Narrator: "Poor Pipsqueak was still waiting, and still upset. The last time he was held up, the mail was given to Owlowiscious."

Pipsqueak: "It made me feel like a really useless filly."

Narrator: "He sighed."

Pipsqueak's Driver: "Well, the mail must arrive on time."

Narrator: "Said his driver.

Just then, they heard a familiar sound coming from above."

Owlowiscious: "Hello!"

Narrator: "Said Owlowiscious."

Owlowiscious: "Hoity Toity says you need my help. That's what friends are for!"

Pipsqueak: "Oh no!"

Narrator: "Cried Pipsqueak. But Hoity Toity had made up his mind. There was nothing Pipsqueak could do.

Pipsqueak's driver helped lead the mailbags into Owlowiscious' cargo net."

Owlowiscious' Pilot: "Maybe we should take the mail bags a few at a time."

Narrator: "Said Owlowiscious' pilot."

Owlowiscious' Pilot: "They're very heavy."

Owlowiscious: "I'd have to make too many trips. Then I'd be as slow as Pipsqueak!"

Narrator: "And so they loaded all the mail into Owlowiscious' net at once. And the engineer continued to work on the signal.

Just as they finished loading, a signal engineer cried out."

Signal Engineer: "It's fixed!"

Narrator: "He said."

Pipsqueak: "Wait, Owlowiscious!"

Narrator: "Shouted Pipsqueak."

Pipsqueak: "I'm ready to go!"

Narrator: "But it was too late. Owlowiscious had already taken off. Pipsqueak watched the mail disappear. He was upset.

But then they all heard a strange sound."

Owlowiscious' Pilot: "Watch for those trees, Owlowiscious!"

Narrator: "Cried his pilot."

Owlowiscious: "My net is too heavy!"

Narrator: "Wailed Owlowiscious."

Pipsqueak: "Owlowiscious is in trouble!"

Narrator: "Pipsqueak cried."

Pipsqueak: "We must try to help him!"

(Owlowiscious crashes into a haystack)

Pipsqueak: "Are you all right?"

Narrator: "Called Pipsqueak."

Owlowiscious: "Just get someone to pull me out of this haystack."

Narrator: "Sputtered Owlowiscious. And Pipsqueak did, as fast as he could.

The next day, Owlowiscious was better and he was flying again. Pipsqueak was very pleased to see him."

Pipsqueak: "Want to take the mail, Owlowiscious?"

Narrator: "Pipsqueak teased."

Pipsqueak: "I'll stand by with the rescue team!"

Narrator: "All the animals cheered. And Owlowiscious hovered so low that only Pipsqueak could hear."

Owlowiscious: "Thanks for getting help to pull me out of that haystack, my friend!"

Narrator: "He said."

Pipsqueak: "That's all right."

Narrator: "Said Pipsqueak."

Pipsqueak: "That's what friends are for!"

The Great and Powerful Trixie

Narrator: "Spike the Dragon enjoys taking specials. Today, he was bringing a special to the docks. His load was to go onto a cargo ship. The ship was scheduled to depart at sundown. Spike had to get to the docks before then. But the load was very heavy. So Spike puffed as hard as he could. He pulled so hard he broke his toe.

He wasn't going anywhere."

Spike: "Oh dear!"

Narrator: "Spike said."

Spike: "I'll be late."

Narrator: "His driver saw an old shed near the road."

Spike's Driver: "If there's a telephone in there, I could call for help."

Narrator: "He said."

Spike: "Hurry."

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Spike: "And be careful. It looks spooky."

Narrator: "Then a voice boomed from inside the shed."

Trixie: "Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep!"

Narrator: "Spike hoped it wasn't a ghost. Then his driver appeared."

Spike: "Is it a ghost?"

Narrator: "Asked Spike nervously."

Spike's Driver: "It's a surprise."

Narrator: "His driver teased. Then the fireman took some of Spike's food and headed off to the shed."

Spike's Driver: "She could get us to the fitter's yard."

Narrator: "His driver said."

Spike's Fireman: "If her body holds."

Narrator: "Added the fireman anxiously."

Spike: "What kind of surprise is that?"

Narrator: "Spike wondered."

Spike's Driver: "Spike, meet Trixie."

Narrator: "Said his driver. At last, the doors opened and out chuffed a dirty, grimy unicorn."

Trixie: "So you're the baby dragon that's hurt himself."

Narrator: "She sniffed. Spike was cross."

Spike: "And you're just an old unicorn!"

Narrator: "He retorted."

Trixie: "That would be vintage unicorn!"

Narrator: "Snapped Trixie."

Trixie: "And I haven't much time to fetch your toe."

Narrator: "The driver was concerned. Trixie was making awful grinding sounds."

Spike's Driver: "She's not made for hills."

Narrator: "He said anxiously."

Spike's Driver: "You're losing strength!"

Narrator: "He called."

Trixie: "Just catching my breath."

Narrator: "Trixie puffed.

And finally, she made it.

When Trixie returned with Spike's toe, she was pleased with herself."

Trixie: "And next time, don't be so careless!"

Narrator: "She scolded. Spike thought Trixie was the rudest unicorn he had ever met, but he was happy to get his new toe.

Spike made it to the docks just in time."

Hoity Toity: "What took you so long?"

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity. Spike told him about his broken toe. He wanted to tell him how rude Trixie had been, when she rolled up."

Trixie: "Oh, it's you!"

Narrator: "Said Trixie, looking at Hoity Toity."

Trixie: "Have you learned to drive properly yet?"

Spike: "She's in trouble now."

Narrator: "Spike said to his driver."

Hoity Toity: "Trixie!"

Narrator: "Said Hoity Toity fondly."

Hoity Toity: "My first unicorn. I thought you have been lost."

Narrator: "They were old friends. It was too much for Spike. Then Trixie told Hoity Toity how she'd been left in the shed for years.

Hoity Toity was so pleased Trixie had been found, he asked Jem Cole to restore her to her originally beauty.

And soon, Trixie had bright blue fur with a purple wizard hat and cape."

Hoity Toity: "You're the grandest blue unicorn in the whole town."

Narrator: "Hoity Toity said."

Trixie: "I know."

Narrator: "Said Trixie even more proudly. And Spike had to agree, she did look grand."

Cranky the Really Splendid Donkey

He's a really splendid donkey, everybody knows,
But he does go on and on and on, always telling us so!
He is a splendid fellow, but he really is quite vain.
Who do we mean? You got it! Cranky!
Take a look who's coming down the path,
Make way for Cranky, hooray for Cranky.
Shiny shiny fur with the bright blonde wig,
Make way for Cranky, hooray for Cranky.
What it is for certain and we really should note,
It's indisputable, but let's take a vote.
He's the really splendid donkey with the bright brown fur.
He can brag all day - how fast he goes,
How good he looks — he's such a pose.
But what about the time he got covered in mud,
Oh. what a dope. what a dud!
But up and down the path you'll hear the others say;
"Despite his vanity, he really is OK.
Dependable, reliable, and seldom late,
We all think Cranky is great!"
Speeding down the path like a lightning flash,
Make way for Cranky, hooray for Cranky.
Hang on to your hat as he whooshes past,
Make way for Cranky, hooray for Cranky.
He really knows how to stage a show,
You gotta stand back and watch him go.
He's the really splendid donkey with the bright brown fur.
Look who's swaning it down the path.
Make way for Cranky, hooray for Cranky.
He never looks up, he never looks back,
Make way for Cranky, hooray for Cranky.
A tad conceited, and really quite vain,
He knows we love him just the same.
Take a look who's coming down the path,
Make way for Cranky, hooray for Cranky.
Shiny shiny fur with the bright blonde wig.
Make way for Cranky, hooray for Cranky.
He's the really splendid donkey, shiny, shiny donkey.
He's the really splendid donkey, yep, that's our Cranky.
That's Cranky!

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