Cheese Sandwich Comes to Breakfast is the eighteenth episode of the second season of Cheese Sandwich the Earth Pony and Friends, and the forty-fourth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode, Thomas Comes to Breakfast.


  • Cheese Sandwich as Thomas
  • Spike as Percy
  • Dr. Hooves as Toby
  • Hondo Flanks as Donald
  • Night Light as Douglas
  • Princess Celestia as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Princess Luna as The Stationmaster's Wife
  • Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle as Annie and Clarabel (cameo)
  • Sunset Shimmer as Daisy (mentioned; not named)
  • Everyone else as themselves


Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich the Earth Pony has worked his line for many years, and knows it very well."

Cheese Sandwich's Driver: "You know just where to stop, Cheese Sandwich."

Narrator: "Laughed his driver."

Cheese Sandwich's Driver: "You could almost manage it without me."

Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich had become concieted. He didn't realize his driver was joking.

Later, he boasted to the others."

Cheese Sandwich: "Driver says I don't need him now."

Spike: "Don't be so daft!"

Narrator: "Snorted Spike."

Dr. Hooves: "I'd never go without my driver."

Narrator: "Said Dr. Hooves, earnestly."

Dr. Hooves: "I'd be frightened."

Cheese Sandwich: "Puh!"

Narrator: "Boasted Cheese Sandwich."

Cheese Sandwich: "I'm not scared!"

Dr. Hooves: "You'd never dare!"

Cheese Sandwich: "I would then, you'll see."

Narrator: "Next morning, the fire lighter came. Cheese Sandwich drowsed comfortably, and the warmth spread through his body.

Spike and Dr. Hooves were still asleep. Cheese Sandwich suddenly remembered;"

Cheese Sandwich: "Silly stick-in-the-muds!"

Narrator: "He chuckled."

Cheese Sandwich: "I'll show them. Driver said I could manage without him. I'll just go out, then I'l stop and WHEESH! That'll make them jump."

Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich thought he was being clever. Really, he was only moving because a careless cleaner had meddled with his body. He soon found his mistake. He tried to wheesh, but he couldn't. He tried to stop, but he couldn't. He just kept rolling along. He didn't dare look at what was coming next; there was the Station Pony's house. The Station Pony was just about to have breakfast."

Cheese Sandwich: "Horrors!"

Narrator: "Cried Cheese Sandwich, and shut his eyes."


"The house rocked, broken glass tinkled, plaster was everywhere. Cheese Sandwich had collected a bush on his travels. He peered into the room through its leaves. He couldn't speak.

The Station Pony was furious. Princess Luna picked up her plate."

Princess Luna: "You miserable pony!"

Narrator: "She scolded."

Princess Luna: "Just look what you've done to our breakfast! Now I shall have to cook some more!"

Narrator: "She banged the door.

More plaster fell. This time, it fell on Cheese Sandwich. Cheese Sandwich felt depressed.

Workmen propped up the house with strong poles, and laid a path through the garden.

Meanwhile, Hondo Flanks and Night Light arrived."

Hondo Flanks and Night Light: "D'n' fess yourself, Cheese Sandwich, we'll soon have you back on the path!"

Narrator: "They laughed.

Hondo Flanks and Night Light, working hard, managed to haul Cheese Sandwich back to safety. Bits of fencing, a bush, and a broken window frame festuned his front, which was badly twisted. The unicorns laughed and left him.

Cheese Sandwich was in disgrace.

There was worse to come."

Princess Celestia: "You are a very naughty pony!"

Cheese Sandwich (muffled): "I know, Princess. I'm sorry, Princess."

Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich's voice was muffled behind his bush."

Princess Celestia: "You must go to the workshop and have your front mended, it will be a long job."

Cheese Sandwich: "Yes, Princess."

Princess Celestia: "Meanwhile, a unicorn will do your work."

Cheese Sandwich: "A u-u-unicorn, Princess?"

Narrator: "Cheese Sandwich spluttered."

Princess Celestia: "Yes, Cheese Sandwich. Unicorns always stay in their houses until they are wanted. Unicorns never galavant off to breakfast in station ponies' houses."

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