Chef Colette was a sorceress in training who was tutored by Princess Zelda, An incident sent her to Toon Town shortly before the major fight in Drake's Darkness Crew, She was attacked by Heartless but was then saved by Roscoso and Kirby after that she was brought to the Halberd where she quickly became friends with everyone, until she had to head back to her training with Zelda and Link. After That incident Chef Colette became a unofficial member of The Space Warriors even helping Marissa, Micheal and Alistair find Ross and Juliet Gamer during the Darkrai incident. After she team up with Ross and Drake Darkstar to stop Darkrai she joined the Space Warrior's and the Author Fighter's.

Apperance and Abilities

Chef Colette has long black hair, blue eyes, a red and white supersuit with white boots and gloves and a white mask on the eyes, she also carries a gold staff with the Triforce symbol on it. Because of her training she has a wide variety of Magic Spells. She also can use her staff as a weapon as well.


Triforce Staff: This Weapon was given to her by Princess Zelda, since it is powered by the Triforce this makes her weapon possible an Equal to Darkmagicianmon's staff, but since she it still in training she can't use the full power yet.

Triblade: A Powerful Sword that was given to her by Scarlet, this blade give her many new abilities. Such as Pressure Slash, which is when she makes the Triblade create a blade of High Pressured Water which can either Slash or Crush Enemies. Another is Rexbolt Slash, where she charges lightning into Triblade and simply slashes with a high concentration of Electricity.

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