the V's movie spoof of Alice in Wonderland (1951)


  • Chel (El Dorado) as Herself
  • Badger (Burbank Films' The Wind in the Willows) as Himself
  • Mr. Rabbit as Himself
  • Doorknob as Himself
  • Dodo as Himself
  • Bill the Lizard as Himself
  • The Catapiller as Himself
  • The Duchess and the Cook as Himelves
  • The Baby as Itself
  • The Bird in the Tree as Herself
  • The Rison Cat as Himself
  • The Mad Hatter and The March Hare
  • The Queen of Heart as Himself
  • The King Of Heart as Himself
  • The Mork Turtle as Himself

Clip Used

  • the Road to El Dorado
  • Burbank Films' The Wind in the Willows

dedicated to

  • Captainleo
  • LionheartCaptain

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