Chelsea Mihara is one of Sakura Avalon's classmates and Kaito's love interest appearing in Cardcaptors. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her house clothes (used as a main outfit) consist of: a cyan long sleeved shirt, purple skirt, white pantyhose and black Mary Jane shoes. Her Kathy costume (the Classical Cleanup one) consists of: a red dress with white long sleeves, white stockings and black dress shoes. In school days, her school uniform consists of: a black and white school uniform, white skirt, white stockings and black shoes. In prom nights, her prom outfit consists of: a blue sleeveless dress, blue earrings and blue high heels. When sleeping at night, her pajamas consist of: a blue pajamas with long sleeves and tan pantyhose. In Puerto Rican parties, her choir uniform consists of: a red and white gown and black shoes. In the play of The Nalgashians, her Khloe Nalgashian outfit consists of: a black shirt with long sleeves, white shirt with black stripes, blue skirt and black high heels. In the play of Alice In Wonderland, her Alice outfit consists of: a white and blue short sleeved dress, white longstockings and black shoes. When doing her ballet career, her ballet outfit consists of: a pink sleeveless leotard, pink tutu and pink slippers. When out on a casual date with Kaito, her By The Light of The Full Moon outfit consists of: a green long sleeved coat under an orange shirt, red skirt, tan pantyhose and brown shoes.


  • Layla McKenzie (Mother)
  • Meilin Rae (Older Sister)
  • Kaito Tatsuno (Husband)
  • Helen (Daughter)
  • Zachary Marker (Cousin)


  • Hanging out with Kaito.
  • Playing Kathy.
  • Doing ballet.


  • Her fear of needles.
  • Being a spoiled crybaby.
  • Horse Flies.

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