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Chemical Engineering 100


  • Chem 20B
  • Chem 20L
  • Math 32B
  • Physics 1A


  1. Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Calculations and Process Variables
    1. Units and dimensions
    2. Arithmetic calculations
    3. Data analysis
    4. Process Variables
  2. Material Balances (Wikipedia:Mass balance)
    1. Conservation of Mass
    2. Transient Balances on Total Mass
    3. The General Material Balance Equation
    4. Continuous, Steady-State vs Batch Processes
    5. Analysis of Flowcharts, Degrees of Freedom
    6. Recycle and Bypass
    7. Reactive Systems
    8. Single-Phase Systems/Eqns of State
    9. Multi-Phase Systems
  3. Energy Balances
    1. The First Law of Thermodynamics
    2. Thermodynamic Data
    3. Energy Balance Procedures
    4. Mechanical Energy Balance
    5. Non-Reactive Processes
    6. Reactive Processes


Monbouquette's Scale

  • Term exams (2) 40%
  • Project 10%
  • Final exam 35%
  • Homework 15%

Note: If you get an A on the final, you get an A in the class. But be advised, the final is very hard (a huge jump in difficulty with respect to the midterms).


  • Material balances are pretty straightforward. So if you're having trouble in that subject, you should get help fast or drop.
  • Energy balances is where the confusion starts and they do not give enough time to go over the material.
  • The final is very hard so don't expect to get an A on it just because you got an A on the two midterms.

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