Chadra-Fan NEGAS

A Chenari

The Chenari are a race of small, humanoid rodents native to Chen, they have large ears, flat noses with four nostrils, and seven senses (sight, touch, taste, sound, smell, infrared sight, chemoreceptive smell). Because of their two senses of smell, Chenari rely heavily on smell as a guide and influence. The larger of their four nostrils detectes water-soluble odors, while the inner two nostrils contain specialized chemoreceptors. Because of the large number of tidal waves that have torn Chenari society apart over the millennia, they have an innate fear of death by drowning, and often the mere threat of drowning throws a Chenari into shock. They are a clan-based society in which interclan marriages are welcomed. The wedded couple is then "added" to the smaller clan, thus increasing the clan's size.

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