Cherished Memories For Bailey and Marina is a Pokemon Puzzle League: The New Adventures episode.


  • Bailey and Marina, in Shirley Fenette outfits and opaque nude tights, like to have their memories cherished. So they play together without wearing their high heeled pumps.


  • Bailey
  • Marina


Part 1

  • (We see Bailey and Marina in Shirley Fenette outfits and opaque nude tights)
  • Bailey: Ah, those forgotten memories.
  • Marina: We love our cute nude tights.
  • Bailey: That's why we love them.
  • Marina: We never wear our stockings.
  • Bailey: Our feet look wonderful.
  • Marina: That's right.
  • Bailey: We like to have our memories cherished.
  • Marina: We also do cuteness.
  • Bailey: Cherished memories for us.
  • Marina: That's right.
  • Bailey: Let's both wiggle our toes.
  • Marina: You got it.
  • (Bailey and Marina wiggle their nyloned toes)
  • Bailey: (chuckles) Those toes are so cutie.
  • Marina: (also chuckles) We love them.
  • Bailey: Now to do a blurry time lapse.
  • Marina: Without our high heeled pumps.
  • Bailey: On your marks...
  • Marina: Get set.
  • Both: Go!
  • (Bailey and Marina start running around at a blurry time lapsed speed while music from Kitty Foiled plays)
  • Bailey: All done.
  • Marina: We love time lapse.
  • Bailey: We'll build a giant statue of liberty.
  • Marina: Let's do it.
  • (Bailey and Marina build a Lego style of the statue of liberty at a blurry time lapsed speed while a fast forwarded version of Carmen overture plays)
  • Bailey: There.
  • Marina: It's gigantic.
  • Bailey: Let's jump back to our bed.
  • Marina: You got it.
  • (Bailey and Marina jump back to their bed)
  • Bailey: Now we're going to do a tease.
  • Marina: With our cutest nyloned feet.
  • Both: Let's do this.
  • (Bailey and Marina start doing a tease with their nyloned feet)
  • Bailey: Ooh, we love our cutest nyloned feet.
  • Marina: So adorable.
  • Bailey: Aww, we love to play with our nude tights.
  • Marina: That's why we like them instead of our stockings.
  • Bailey: All those cherished memories.
  • Marina: Such sweet sorrow.
  • Bailey: We love opaque nude tights.
  • Marina: We're so cutie.
  • Both: Aww.
  • (The two girls laugh together)
  • Bailey: We love nude tights.
  • Marina: So wonderful.
  • Bailey: We're sisters in nude tights.
  • Marina: You're right.
  • Bailey: Let's do cute poses.
  • Marina: You got it.
  • (Bailey and Marina start doing cute poses)
  • Bailey: We're the cutest!
  • Marina: So cutest.
  • Bailey: We both love nude tights.
  • Marina: Yeah.
  • Bailey: Let's do a pin up.
  • Marina: Of course yes.
  • (Bailey and Marina do a pin up)
  • Bailey: So awesome.
  • Marina: Aww, those cherished memories.
  • Bailey: Playing with nude tights makes us adorable.
  • Marina: Yeah.
  • Bailey: Let's play This Little Piggy, okay?
  • Marina: You said it.
  • (End of Part 1)

Part 2

  • (We see

Part 3

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