Cherry's Little Assets is a Keegan episode.


  • When Cherry finds some things in the box she decides to be her little assets. So she puts on the Shirley Fenette outfit and the nude tights and Ramona and Ramonita put them on too. Then they start doing asset class.


  • Cherry
  • Ramona
  • Ramonita


Part 1

  • (We see Cherry finding some things in her box)
  • Cherry: Let me see. A tambourine, check. Some guitars, check. Every stuff has to be found.
  • Ramona: Did you check on all of your things, Cherry?
  • Cherry: Yes, Ramona. I've checked all things in my box. We're doing asset class.
  • Ramonita: Yipee! Asset class.
  • Cherry: But first, we'll put on the nude tights and the Shirley Fenette outfits.
  • Ramona and Ramonita: We're ready, Cherry.
  • (Cherry, Ramona and Ramonite remove their normal outfits and put on the nude tights and the Shirley Fenette outfits)
  • Cherry: Okay. Time for asset class.
  • (Cherry starts playing the tambourine)
  • Ramona: Let's dance, Ramonita.
  • Ramonita: You got it!
  • (Ramona and Ramonita start dancing)
  • Cherry: Moving to the beat.
  • (Cherry keeps playing the tambourine)
  • Cherry: And stop. Okay, why don't we do a little sexy exercise?
  • Ramona and Ramonita: Great idea, Cherry.
  • Cherry: Then let's go to the bed and start doing it.
  • Ramona and Ramonita: Yay!
  • (Cherry, Ramona and Ramonita start doing a sexy exercise in bed)
  • Cherry:

Part 2

Part 3

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