Cherry Throws Another Tantrum is a Keegan episode.


  • Cherry, Ramona and Naomi arrive at the video store and Cherry sees a Lights Out and Other Episodes 2005 VHS. She pleads for it, but Ramona and Naomi say "No!" and Cherry starts throwing a big tantrum that she is thrown to her room as punishment. Later, they went to the video store again and Cherry sees a Pokemon Shipwreck and Other Episodes 2007 VHS. She pleads for it again, but Ramona and Naomi say "No!" once more and Cherry starts throwing another big tantrum. But to cheer her up, they watched the two videos together.


  • Cherry
  • Ramona
  • Naomi


Part 1

  • (we see Cherry, Ramona and Naomi at the video store)
  • Cherry: Wow! Lots of videos.
  • Ramona: There are a bunch of videos.
  • Naomi: How can you forget.
  • Cherry: Hey look! A Lights Out and Other Episodes 2005 VHS. May i want it please?
  • Ramona and Naomi: No!
  • Cherry: (starts crying) But i want it!
  • Ramona: (throws Cherry to her room) Stay out!
  • Naomi: And don't come back! (slams the door)
  • Cherry: I want to have that video!
  • (

Part 2

Part 3

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