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Author: Chet "Tech" Weaver

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Writer's Guide for Chet Weaver

Character: Chet Weaver


About 14 years old and bald. Wears khaki pants, a tee shirt of undetermined color, leather gloves, tennis shoes and a black windbreaker over that. Also has on a hat of the same style a cowboy would wear and a pair of sunglasses that he takes off when he's inside. (He wants to protect his skin from the sun, but doesn't like using sunblock. He'll wear this in most forms of weather.)

His clothing hides exoskeletal plates that cover most of his skin. They are made of the same substance as your fingernails and are thick enough to stop a bullet. This gives him a muscular-looking build.

The gloves hide fingers that end in sharp talons. To the untrained eye, the gloved hands may look normal. He knows how to fight both with and without the talons, although he tends to favor the talons when he forgets that he's trying to hide them. There are claws on this feet as well.


Due to some bad experiences growing up on Vertigo Island, Chet is a bit wary of other people. He has a bit of a grudge against humans, but he knows that they are basically good. He will help people if he thinks its the right thing to do.

Despite having "powers beyond those of mortal men," he'll try to avoid using them. He doesn't want word to leak out that he's a mutant. He thinks it may affect his chances of getting into the Indigo Pokemon League. He'll even stray away from using unusual Pokemon (such as those of abnormal color) and possibly bug-type Pokemon.


Meowth (Chance): Chet literally stumbled upon Chance while hiking through Vertigo Forest. Chance followed him home and they have been together ever since. Chance also has a habit of flipping coins for no apparent reason and has such a heavy accent that even other Pokemon can't understand what he's saying.

  • Scratch
  • Growl
  • Coin Flip (Metronome variant)

Spearow (Doom): Doom was given to Chet as a going-away present from Sensei X. Flying-type Pokemon are the favorite among Vertigo Island's trainers.

  • Peck
  • Growl

Squirtle (Flak): The Pokemon Chet got from Professor Oak to officially start his Pokemon journey. Can somehow escape from its ball without being noticed.

  • Tackle
  • Growl

Pikachu: Chet freed him from a trap in Viridian Forest and joined him on his way to Pewter City.

  • Thundershock
  • Growl


Chet hails from Vertigo Island. Vertigo Island is known, in urban legends, to have a significant mutant-human population and significantly higher population of racists who don't like mutants. Unfortunatly for Chet, the urban legend is true and he's living proof.

Mutations tend to happen more frequently among the lower classes of Vertigo Island. The Island has a nuclear power plant, a toxic waste dump, and a evolution-stone mine, which the higher classes have the privilege of living nowhere near. No one lived right next door to these things, but people did live close enough to be affected. Their offspring mutated into noticable deviations of the human form, some more than others.

Chet's parents lived among the lower classes and eventually clawed their way up to the lower-middle class and had a child (more or less in that order). That child, of course, was Chet. When Chet learned about his mutancy around the age of 9, he started trying to cover it up. That got harder as his exoskeletal plates grew. He was eventually found out and was openly mocked and discriminated against.

Mutants who wanted to become Pokemon trainers had to leave the island to get their licenses; It was illegal for them to train Pokemon there. Most don't have the money to leave the island. Chet was lucky enough to be among the few who could and get an internship with Professor Oak and be transported off the island.

Chet has recieved martial arts training and some Pokemon-training instruction from Professor Chang Xuong, sometimes refered to by his students as "Sensei X." Sensei X beleives that martial arts training can give mutants the discipline they need to control their powers and secretly teaches them to train Pokemon. Sensei X offers discounts for mutants, causing many humans to distrust him.

Objectives: To break the "Gene Barrier" and become a Pokemon Master. He plans to have his mutancy revealed at a critical moment during a major tournement. This will no doubt lead to scandal and aggression.


Allies: Valerie
Enemies: Maxine and Hera of Team Rocket, Chloe

Other Notes:

When asked about Vertigo Island's mutant population, Chet will most likely tell you its just an urban myth.

Chet has the ability to regenerate lost limbs. Small limbs, like fingers and toes grow, back in one or two days. An arm or a leg could take up to a week per limb lost.

Chet can sever his own limbs upon will, instinct, or force. Because of this ability of self-amputation, coupled with the exoskeleton, many of his wounds won't bleed noticibly.

Chet may also have hidden powers that he doesn't know about and aren't listed here.

Writer's Guide for Valerie

Character Name: "Valerie"


Fourteen, maybe fifteen years old. Has short, black hair and black eyes. Wears a black skirt, white tee-shirt, red jacket and a black choker. Her skin is a tad pale.


Valerie is stricken with amnesia. She has no idea who she is or where she came from. She seems to have imprinted (for lack of a better term) on Chet Weaver and feels a need to stick by him.




The explosive force of lightning hitting a tree in Viridian Forest flung her into Chet. Miraculously unscathed save for her amnesia, she insisted on traveling with Chet Weaver until her memories returned. Not having a name of her own, she accepted the name "Valerie."


Objectives: Stay with Chet until her memories return.

Allies: Chet Weaver
Enemies: None that she's aware of.

Other Notes:

Valerie has no idea about Chet's mutant powers.

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