El Sr. Tennison Mitch y su restaurante, Chez Mitch (Mr. Tennison and his Restuarant, Chez Mitch in Spanish), also known as Chez Mitch is an episode of Anime Comedy Hours.


Mitch has a crush on the mute and adorable, Kisa Sohma. Unfortunatley, the love of money is only good for Mitch. So, Mitch seeks help from the smart, Noah Cooper into getting Mitch a date. Mitch got an idea from Noah and decided to make an Italian restaurant titled Chez Mitch featuring many Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, French and Estonian cuisines. A secret shopper named Jonesy Garcia comes to see if the restaurant is good. Can the restaurant be good enough for Jonesy so that Mitch's date can be successful.


This episode features some of the scenes featuring the characters speaking in Spanish with yellow subtitles.

Many of the characters appear but do not speak:

  • Harold
  • Cody
  • Justin
  • Kisa has a major role but has no speaking lines. She is seen actually mouthing out trying to communicate to the characters but her words are not coming out.
  • Lindsay appears playing a flute only, not exactly speaking.

Spritle, Chim Chim, and Apu make special guest starrs.

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