• Chicken Little as Jimmy Neutron
  • and more

Chicken Little 2: Chicken Genius

  • Chicken Little 2: Chicken Genius is a movie coming to Theaters on December 21, 2014 from Walt Disney Pictures, MGM and DisneyToon Studios and is from creator of Tinkerbell Planes & Planes: Fire & Rescue


  • Chicken Little as Jimmy Neutron
  • Runt as Carl
  • Fish Out as Sheen
  • Abby as Cindy
  • Foxy Roxy as Libby
  • Buck as Jimmy's Dad
  • Buck's Girlfriend as Jimmy's Mom
  • George the Dog as Goddard
  • Captain Hook as King Goobat
  • Mr. Smee as Ooblar
  • Miss Wand as Ms. Fowl
  • Computer as VOX
  • Super Dog as Ultra Lord
  • Pirate 1 as Arena Guard
  • Pirate 2 as Arena Yokian
  • Benny the Dog as Benny
  • Brittany the Dog as Brittany
  • Butch the Dog as Butch
  • Runt's Dad as Carl's Dad
  • Runt's Mom as Carl's Mom
  • Pirate 3 as Control Yokian
  • Monstro the Whale as Demon
  • Digital Voice as itself
  • Flurp Announcer Dog as Flurp Announcer
  • General Dog as General
  • Girl-Eating Plant as itself
  • Pirates as Guards
  • Gus Rabbit as Gus
  • Hostess Cat as Hostess
  • Jailbreak Cop Dog as Jailbreak Cop
  • Dog in Classroom as Kid in Classroom
  • Anchor Dog as Anchor Boy
  • Little Cat as Little Girl
  • Mission Control Dog as Mission Control
  • Octapuke Cat as Octapuke Kid
  • Parrot as Orthgot
  • Oyster as themselves
  • Pilot Dog as Pilot
  • Reporter Cat as Reporter Dog
  • Robobarber as himself
  • Screamers as themselves
  • Fish Out's Dad as Sheen's Dad
  • Worm as themselves
  • Pirate 4 as Yokian Guard
  • Pirate 5 as Yokian Incubator Operator
  • Pirate 6 as Yokian Officer
  • Pirate Newscasters as Yokian Newscasters
  • Hydra as Poultra

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