A New TV Series is Coming Up Wreck-it Ralph the New Series. on to the Network on Disney XD in Year in 2015. From in Movie in 2005 The Chicken Little Movie.


Air Date

  • March 2nd 2015 (USA)
  • July 4th 2015 (UK)
  • September 10th 2015 (AUS)
  • October 14th 2015 (Japan)
  • April 1st 2015 (France)
  • May 9th 2015 (Canada)
  • June 5th 2015 (Spain)
  • November 7th 2015 (Germany)
  • Januery 27th 2016 (Norway)


This is Tim Allen's first season as narrator (Season 1-2).


Season 1 (2015)

  1. Chicken Little's Rescue
  2. Fish Needs Help
  3. Abby's Very Good
  4. Not Runt
  5. How to Defeat Foxy Loxy
  6. Runt Got Tricked
  7. Best Friend Chicken Little
  8. Chicken Little Gets Trouble
  9. Buck's Big Bad Day
  10. Chicken Little and Abby's Silly Way
  11. Pop Goes the Foxy
  12. Abby Mallard's Sick
  13. Buck's New Car
  14. Swing Me Chicken Little
  15. Got to Go Back
  16. Goosey Loosey Dry Out
  17. Abby's New Cake
  18. Chicken Little, Abby, Runt, Fish and the Ghost Monkey
  19. Runt's Great Race
  20. Chicken Little's Christmas Party
  21. Morkupine Has Wild
  22. Hero Race Rescue
  23. Runt Save the World
  24. Runt and the Birthday Hoedown
  25. Look in the Sky
  26. Fish and the Pigs
  27. Stop Abby Stop!
  28. Chicken Little, Abby and the Halloween Party
  29. Chicken Little, Abby and the Wind
  30. Runt's New Hat

Season 2 (2016)

  1. Abby Battles Foxy (Coming Soon in 2016) (1a)
  2. Chicken Little One, and Chicken Littles Two (Coming Soon in 2016) (1b)
  3. Came on Fish (Coming in 2016) (2a)
  4. Before Hot and After Cold (coming soon in 2016) (2b)
  5. Runt's Ice Cream Day (coming soon in 2016) (3a)
  6. You Can't Win with Morkupine (coming soon in 2016) (3b)
  7. [[Buck and the Cars (coming soon in 2016) (4a)
  8. Runt's Surprises (coming soon in 2016) (4b)
  9. Foxy vs Goosey (coming soon in 2016) (5a)
  10. Fish into Aquarium (coming soon in 2016) (5b)
  11. Chicken Little, Space Adventure/Chicken Little, Abby and the Space Adventure (coming soon in 2016) (6a)
  12. Good Times Chicken (coming soon in 2016) (6b)
  13. Kirby's New Friend (coming soon in 2016) (7a)
  14. Chicken Little, Abby and the Singing Fish (coming soon in 2016) (8a)
  15. Abby and the Volcano (coming soon in 2016) (8b)
  16. A Batter One for Chicken Little (coming soon in 2016) (7a)
  17. Chicken Pox Abby (coming soon in 2016) (7b)
  18. Next For a Morkupine (coming soon in 2016) (8a)
  19. Buck goes Cheez-it (coming soon in 2016) (8b)
  20. Chicken Little and the Big Snow Ball (coming soon in 2016) (9a)


Season 3 (2017-present)

  1. Abby gets Fat (coming soon in sping 2017) (1a)
  2. Googly Morkupine (coming soon in sping 2017) (1b)
  3. Mr. Woolensworth's Drould Trould (coming soon in sping 2017) (2a)
  4. Abby and the Bad Dream (coming soon in sping 2017) (2b)
  5. Patrol the Speed Squad (coming soo in sping 2017) (3a)
  6. ? (coming soon in sping 2017) (3b)
  7. Chicken Little's Pirates Ahoy (coming soon in sping 2017) (4a)

Season 4 (2018)

  1. Abby Mallard's Ballet

Short Film

  1. Let's Go on the Moon (Short Film) (Summer 2017)


  • Diet Song


  • Zach Braff as Chicken Little
  • Joan Cusack as Abby Mallard
  • Dan Molina as Fish
  • Steve Zahn as Runt

Broadcast History

United States

  • Disney XD (March 2015-present)
  • Disney Channel (November 2015-present)

United Kingdom

  • Disney XD (United Kingdom and Ireland) (2015-present)
  • Disney Channel (2015-present)
  • CBBC (2015-present)


  • Disney Channel Australia (2015-present)


  • Disney Channel (2015-present)
  • Disney XD (2016-present)


  • Chicken Little's Rescue (April 15th 2015)
  • Chicken Little and Abby's Silly Way (June 5th 2015)
  • Not Runt (November 1st 2015)

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