Chickens to School is the twenty-fourth episode of the eighth season of Spike the Dragon and Friends, and the two hundred and sixth overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode of the same name.


  • Spike as Thomas
  • Shining Armor as Edward
  • Big Macintosh as Gordon
  • Rarity as Emily
  • Hoity Toity as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Filthy Rich as Henry (does not speak)
  • Pipsqueak as Percy (does not speak)
  • Apple Bloom as Annie (does not speak)
  • Sweetie Belle as Clarabel (does not speak)
  • Cranky Doodle Donkey as James (cameo)
  • Zecora as Caroline (cameo)
  • Igneous Rock Pie as Farmer McColl (mentioned)
  • Everyone else as Themselves


Narrator: "It was a cool summer's night in Ponyville. All the animals were very busy, and there were lots of jobs to do.

Big Macintosh pulled the express buffaloes. And Pipsqueak took the mail. He delivered letters and parcels across the whole town.

Spike was delivering coal to the coaling plant. It was a very long journey, and a very heavy train. Spike worked all night puffing through the countryside.

At last, Spike had delivered all the coal. He was very tired."

Spike: "I'm puffed out."

Narrator: "Said Spike."

Spike: "I wish I had some help delivering the coal."

Big Macintosh: "Pah!"

Narrator: "Huffed Big Mac."

Big Macintosh: "A really useful animal doesn't need help."

Narrator: "Then, Hoity Toity arrived."

Hoity Toity: "I need an animal to run three special deliveries for me."

Narrator: "Hoity Toity said."

Spike: "I can do it."

Narrator: "Huffed Spike. He was tired, but he wanted to prove he was a really useful dragon."

Hoity Toity: "Very well, Spike. You must take some chickens to the market, sheep to the farm and the children to school."

Big Macintosh: "That's a very big job for a baby dragon."

Narrator: "Chuffed Big Mac."

Big Macintosh: "You're bound to need some help."

Narrator: "This made Spike cross."

Spike: "Baby dragons don't need help!"

Narrator: "Snapped Spike."

Spike: "We're really useful!"

Narrator: "And he puffed away."

Spike: "Chickens to market, sheep to the farm and children to school."

Narrator: "Spike puffed. First, Spike collected the chickens.

Next, Spike puffed into the valley. All the sheep were waiting for him."

Spike: "Come on."

Narrator: Spike panted to the sheep."

Spike: "I'll take you to the farm."

Narrator: "Finally, Spike trundled into the station. He was very tired. The children's smiling faces made him feel happy. But his legs were aching. The children were all on board, and Spike puffed away.

Spike puffed up Big Macintosh's Hill. And through Filthy Rich's Tunnel. It was a very long way. His feet were pounding and his legs were aching, but Spike kept puffing."

Spike: "Chickens to market, sheep to the farm, children to school."

Narrator: "Spike panted. Spike was getting more and more tired. He started to get confused."

Spike: "Sheep to market, children to the farm, chickens to school."

Narrator: "Yawned Spike.

When Spike arrived at the market, he was very confusing indeed."

Spike: "Please unload the sheep."

Narrator: "Said Spike. He should have said chickens. But now, the sheep were unloaded. Then, Rarity arrived. Rarity could see that Spike was tired."

Rarity: "Would you like some help?"

Narrator: "Asked Rarity."

Spike: "No, thank you."

Narrator: "Puffed Spike."

Spike: "Dragons don't need help."

Narrator: "But Spike did need help. He was worn out. At last, the sheep were unloaded. Spike puffed away."

Spike: "Sheep to market, children to the farm and chickens to school."

Narrator: "Yawned Spike sleepily.

When Spike got to the farm, he told the children that it was they're stop. So all the children got off at Igneous Rock Pie's. Spike was terribly tired.

Finally, Spike arrived at the school. Only the chickens were left. So the chickens were unloaded. And Spike puffed back to the library.

Hoity Toity was in his office. He was getting lots of phone calls.

The sheep had knocked over lots of market stalls. The children had seen all the farm animals and the classroom was full of chickens.

At last, Spike puffed into Golden Oak Library. He was looking forward to a nice long sleep. Then, Hoity Toity arrived."

Hoity Toity: "Spike, you have caused confusion and delay!"

Narrator: "He said. Hoity Toity told Spike what had happened. Spike was upset. He was very tired. And now he had to go and do all his jobs all over again."

Hoity Toity: "Don't worry."

Narrator: "Hoity Toity said."

Hoity Toity: "All you need is some help."

Spike: "Big Mac said a really useful animal never needs help."

Narrator: "Moaned Spike."

Shining Armor: "Ha!"

Narrator: "Laughed Shining Armor."

Shining Armor: "I'm always helping Big Mac up the hill."

Narrator: "Big Mac was very embarrassed."

Hoity Toity: Pipsqueak and Shining Armor, you are to help Spike."

Narrator: "Hoity Toity said. So Spike puffed away with his friends.

Pipsqueak took the sheep from the market to the farm. Shining Armor took the chickens from the school to the market. And Spike collected the children."

Spike: "Sorry."

Narrator: "Spike puffed to the children."

Spike: "I didn't mean to take you to the wrong place."

Children: "We don't mind."

Narrator: "Said the children."

Children: "We had a grand day out seeing the animals and learning all about the farm."

Narrator: "And that night, when Spike finally went to sleep, he dreamt about sheep, and chickens, and children."

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