Chigusa is a character of the day who appeared in the Pokemon episode: Two Hits and A Miss. She has pink hair and red eyes. She wears a yellow and blue shirt with short sleeves, yellow and blue skirt and yellow thigh high boots. In school days, her school uniform consists of: a white and yellow school uniform with a red ribbon on, a yellow skirt, tan pantyhose and black shoes. In prom nights, her prom outfit consists of: a pink sleeveless dress, pink earrings and pink high heels. When sleeping at night, her pajamas consist of: a pink pajamas with long sleeves and tan pantyhose. In Puerto Rican parties, her Vejigante outfit consists of: a pink dress and black high heels.


  • Kenzo (Grandfather)
  • Roger (Pet Rabbit)


  • Hanging out with Alex Davis.
  • A relationship with Kenzo.
  • Doing shihan moves.


  • Her bad dreams.
  • More training.
  • Being scolded by Kenzo.

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