• Pogoriki as Yakko
  • Chikoriki as Wakko
  • Olgariki as Dot
  • Sonic and Tails as The Pinky and The Brain
  • Wolliriki as Dr. Otto Scratchansniff
  • Rosariki as Hello Nurse
  • Fox and Skunk as Slappy and Skippy
  • Sally Cat as Mindy
  • Dug as Buttons
  • Docoriki as Ralph
  • Bigoriki as Baron von Plotz
  • Princess Bubblegum and Finn as Rita and Runt
  • Phineas and Isabella as Martia and Flavio Hippo
  • Ganon as King Salazar
  • Mario, Luigi and Yoshi as The Dover Boys
  • Princess Peach as Minevra Mink
  • Link and Zelda as Village man and woman
  • Ottoriki as Chicken Boo

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