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Chikorita Works It Out is a Friturtoons episode.


Chikorita is taking some Unowns to Great Waterton when she runs into Pidgeot and Bulbasaur, who warn her the shorter route has been blocked due to a snowfall. Chikorita ignores Tigger's advice, but gets stuck in the snow. Chikorita decides to listen to Tigger's advice and gets to Great Waterton safely.

Featured characters

  • Pikachu
  • Chikorita
  • Veemon
  • Bulbasaur
  • Pidgeot
  • Tigger

Voice cast

  • Ikue Ohtani as Pikachu
  • Mika Kanai as Chikorita
  • Derel Stephen Prince as Veemon
  • Michele Knotz as Bulbasaur
  • Megumi Hayashibara as Pidgeot
  • Paul Winchell as Tigger


  • US Narrated by Duane Lawrence as Booker T. Frog.
  • UK Narrated by Michael Angelis.

Featured music

  • Winter Wonderland Season 6-7 theme
  • Runaway Season 5-6 theme


  • When Chikorita is cleaned she goes from happy to surprised, but her smile is still visible behind his surprised expression.
  • Chikorita's mouth doesn't move when she says "We did it! Well done, Tigger!"
  • When Chikorita walks to the top of Buizel's Hill her feet don't move.
  • When Chikorita arrives at Great Waterton, Pikachu and Veemon have no snow on them.
  • It would be dangerous for Chikorita to use Tigger as a snowplough, as this would damage her vines.
  • Wasn't going down the hill fast Chikorita's original idea before they got stuck in the snow?
  • Chikorita should have had a brakevan at the front of her train.
  • Wouldn't it be dangerous for a Pokemon to be pushed in snowy weather?


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