Children's Character is a UK VHS NCH 1997 30th Century Rox Home Video NCH Video At 1983 Old Uc


  1. Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends: Thomas And Bertie
  2. Pingu the Photographer
  3. Thomas And Friends Thomas The Moron
  4. Fireman Sam: Norman Pitfall
  5. Rosie and Jim: Pony And Trap
  6. Postman Pat And The Windy Day
  7. Hattytown Tales: Going Fishing
  8. Monty Gets The Blame
  9. Huxley Pig the Magician
  10. Spot Goes Splash
  11. Hairy Jeremy: Ice To See You
  12. Rainbow: Tooth Fairy Kids Game Taken From Childrens Favourites Compatation Soushkin Calling Fun
  13. Sesame Street The Best Of Ernie And Bert
  14. Jitterbugs Cooking Spaghetti
  15. Horrid Henry Wedding
  16. The Snorks Change Bum
  17. The Lampies Bit Of Jam
  18. Tweenies Fizz Jake Bubbles Tweenies Woolly Jumper Taken From G And T Childrens Favourites Toybox
  19. Tots TV: Tilly's Storybook
  20. Noddy and the Special Key
  21. The Raggy Dolls: Pumpernickle's Party
  22. Henry's Cat: The Good News Day

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