Here are Character Cake creations with different TV shows and movies.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Created by The Rev.W.Awdry over 60 years ago, Thomas is always trying to be really useful and help his friends. He has lots of friends and would like to be your friend with The Fat Controller telling me how to make this wonderful cake!

You will need:

Train shaped sponge cake, blue, black, white, yellow and red sugarpaste, black food colouring, sugar glue, blue, yellow, pink, grey, red and black modelling paste, and 15cm long board



1. Roll out red sugarpaste to at least 5mm thick then cover the board, you'll need enough to make Thomas too.


2. Get your train shaped sponge cake and cover everything except the roof at the top in blue sugarpaste when you roll it out. The cake must be the same shape as Thomas.

3. Roll out some more red sugarpaste to colour Thomas's bufferbeam, roll it as long as a sausage at least then cover the bottom of Thomas's side red and under the front of him and behind his coal bunker at the bottom.

4. Mix together black and white and roll out until you get a nice grey. Then trim it round to make Thomas's face. Roll out more white sugarpaste to make Thomas's eyes and mouth, Thomas's eyes are round and his mouth is banana shaped.

5. Model grey modelling paste into a ball to make Thomas's nose then with sugar glue stick Thomas's nose to his face. Use black food colouring to make Thomas's round pupils and draw Thomas's mouth at the bottom of his face.

6. If you cannot find a train shaped cake with a funnel, then get some black modelling paste, make some nice and tall for Thomas's funnel then with sugar glue attach to the top of his smoke box after covering Thomas's smokebox in black. If you can then cover the funnel in black sugarpaste as well as his smoke box.

7. To add Thomas's details, use a 1 cookie cutter and stick in some yellow modelling paste, do this twice then stick with sugar glue one number 1 on each side.

8. To add Thomas's stripes, make some long thin sausages of red modelling paste to go at the top of Thomas's body, he should have at least five but make however many you can fit against the top of his body behind the funnel and in front of the smokebox.

9. Make a big black square using black sugarpaste to colour Thomas's roof, if you make the square too long, trim until the black sugarpaste entirely fits on Thomas's roof.

10. At the bottom under the buffers to make Thomas's wheels roll out some more blue sugarpaste and using a round cookie cutter make six blue circles and with sugar glue stick under the sides of Thomas's bufferbeam, stick three blue circles on each side.

11. To make Thomas's dome, model a small blue ball and with sugar glue stick between his funnel and the front of his roof.

12. With a small whistle shaped cookie cutter with yellow modelling paste after being rolled out cut two whistles and stick at the front under Thomas's roof.

13. To make Thomas's portholes use a small round cookie cutter and stick in yellow sugarpaste twice then stick a smaller one in black sugarpaste, glue the yellow circles on first one each side of the whistle then the smaller black ones on for Thomas's portholes to be see through.

14. Roll some black balls out with black modelling paste to make Thomas's coal then stick in Thomas's coal bunker.

15. Roll some red sugarpaste out then cut 4 long lengths of red and 6 short lengths then put a long at top and bottom put a short length at the right between the long lengths and two shorter at the left (one at top one under at the bottom), then stick outside Thomas's numbers. Do this at each side. Then very carefully put Thomas on the board.

The Fat Controller/Sir Topham Hatt

16. Roll out a small ball of pink for The Fat Controller's face using pink modelling paste then with black food colouring draw The Fat Controller's eyes and pupils and draw his mouth on too.

17. Roll out a smaller ball of pink for The Fat Controller's nose then with sugar glue stick the ball under The Fat Controller's eyes and over his mouth.

18. Roll a fat ball of yellow for The Fat Controller's shirt to stick under his head, using black food colouring draw The Fat Controller's buttons onto the ball of yellow.

19. Before sticking the shirt to the head roll out black sugarpaste then cut a rectangle out to make The Fat Controller's waistcoat then stick the waistcoat to the shirt and shirt to head.

20. Using more black modelling paste make a small cylinder and using black sugarpaste and a small round cookie cutter cut a circle and stick the cylinder to the circle for The Fat Controller's hat then stick it onto his head.

21. Make two grey cylinders using grey modelling paste for his trousers then stick underneath his shirt.

22. To make The Fat Controller's hands and sleeves just cut a hole when modelling two small cylinders and stick modelled pink hands inside but make sure they will show.

23. Finally to make The Fat Controller's shoes model two black balls using modelling paste and stick under his trousers. Then stick The Fat Controller to the board by Thomas and enjoy.

Mini Thomas Cakes

Thomas has many friends on the island and he told me how to make these wonderful mini cakes. Enjoy making five mini cakes: Thomas, Edward, James, Percy and The Fat Controller.

You will need:

4 Circle shaped cakes, blue, green, red, black and white sugarpaste, black modelling paste black food colouring, chocolate roll, jaffa cake and tin


1. Cover two of the cakes in blue sugarpaste, one in red and one in green. Thomas and Edward are blue, James is red and Percy is green

2. Mix black and white sugarpaste to make grey and add to the middle of the cake for the faces then add the details

3. With black modelling paste make 4 small tall cylinder shaped funnels after putting sugarpaste round the face and stick the funnels in.

Thomas the Tank Engine

Copy Thomas's face from the previous cake.

Edward the Blue Engine

Edward's face is similar to Thomas's but with added nostrills (using grey modelling paste) under his nose

James the Red Engine

Copy Thomas's face again but without padding the nose.

Percy the Small Engine

Copy Thomas's face again but without padding the nose again.

The Fat Controller

All you need for The Fat Controller is a jaffa cake and a chocolate roll, with sugar glue stick the chocolate roll (standing up) on to the jaffa cake for his hat.

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