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Children's Characters is a VHS 1994 From NCH and 30th Century Rox Home Video


  1. Pingu: Pingu's Circus
  2. Charlie Chalk: Arnold's Night Out
  3. The Wombles: Orinoco's Midnight Feast
  4. Superted and the Lumberjacks
  5. Tots TV: Hedgehog
  6. Telebugs: Enter The Professor
  7. Spot the Dog: Spot Goes To The Park
  8. Paddington Bear: Do-It-Yourself
  9. The Charlie Brown and Snoppy Show: Sally
  10. Brum: Brum to the Rescue
  11. Thomas And Friends: Gordon and the Famous Vistior
  12. Moschops: Moschops's Garden
  13. Bananas in Pyjamas: Topsy Turvy
  14. Count Duckula: Venice a Duck Not a Duck
  15. Wil Cwac Cwac: Atishoo
  16. Spider: C Rocker
  17. Rosie And Jim: Automata
  18. Funnybones: The Pet Shop
  19. Playbox: Shoes
  20. Postman Pat: Postman Pat Takes A Message
  21. Fireman Sam: Brass Band
  22. Old Bear Stories: Little Bear's Big Race
  23. Chorlton And The Wheelies: The Up and Down Plant
  24. The Adventures Of Parsley: Cowboys And Indians
  25. The Clangers: The Visitor
  26. Hattytown Tales: Going Fishing

Voice Cast

  • Carlo Bonomi - Pingu
  • Michael Williams - Charlie Chalk
  • Bernard Cribbins - Orinoco, Great Uncle Bulgaria, Tomsk, Bungo, Wellington, Madame Cholet, Tobermory, Moschops, Ally, Uncle Rex, Mrs Kerry, Grandfather Diplodocus and Mr Icthyosaurus
  • Derek Griffths - Superted
  • Robin Stevens - Jim, Tom and Duck
  • Claire Carre - Tilly
  • Andrew Davenport - Tiny
  • Howard Morris - Chip
  • Sherry Lynn - Samantha
  • Marilyn Lightstone - Bug
  • Phil Hartman - Mic
  • Eric Hill - Spot, Sally, Helen and Tom
  • Sir Michael Hordern - Paddington Bear
  • Stacy Heather Tolkin - Sally Brown
  • Toyah Willcox - Brum
  • Michael Angelis - Thomas, Edward, Gordon, Percy and Duck
  • Karina Kelly B1, B2, Amy, Lulu and Morgan
  • David Jason - Count Duckula
  • Myfanwy Talog - Wil Cwac Cwac
  • Rebecca Nagan - Rosie
  • Griff Rhys Jones - Big, Little and Dog
  • Pat Coombs - Cat
  • Keith Chegwin - Dog
  • Ken Barrie - Postman Pat
  • John Alderton - Fireman Sam, Elvis Criddlington, Station Officer Steele, Trevor Evans, James, Sarah, Norman Price, Dilys Price, Bella Lasagne and Penny Morris
  • Anton Rodgers - Old Bear, Bramwell Brown, Duck, Rabbit and Little Bear
  • Joe Lynch - Chorlton, Zoomer, Janny, King Otto and Queen Doris, The Minister and Fenella
  • Gordon Rollings - Parsley The Lion and Dill The Dog
  • Keith Chatfield - Sancho and Carrots

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