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Children's Favourites are UK VHS releases featuring a wide range of children's television shows. Some were produced by the NSPCC and NCH children's charites, others were produced by VCI, and some were Woolworths exclusives. This article only lists the releases that feature Thomas.

  • Children's T.V. Favourites Volume 2 (Thomas and Gordon)
  • Children's Pre-School - Special Compilation (Thomas, Percy and The Post Train)
  • Children's Pre-School Friends Variety Pack (Hosted by Cat and Dog) (Time for Trouble)
  • Children's Pre-School Favourites (Escape)
  • Children's Pre-School Compilation (Trust Thomas)
  • Children's Pre-School Favourites (Special Attraction)
  • Children's Pre-School Friends (Tender Engines)
  • Children's Playschool Favourites (Thomas and The Special Letter)
  • BBC Television Biggest More Children's Favourites (Thomas and The Special Letter)
  • BBC Children's Biggest Christmas Cracker (Thomas' Christmas Party, Thomas and The Missing Christmas Tree and Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure)
  • The Greatest BBC Children's Biggest Video Ever (Escape)
  • Children's Sensational Biggest Summer Fun (All at Sea)
  • My Little Children's Pre-School (Special Funnel)
  • Children's Pre-School Adventures (Fish)
  • Children's Pre-School Christmas Favourites (Mind that Bike and Thomas and Percy's Christmas Adventure)
  • Calling All Toddlers (Thomas' Train)
  • Calling All Toddlers 2 (Thomas' Train)

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