A Photoss warrior, flanked by a The Zug creature and a Terran F. soldier.

Terran Federation/Terran Infantry

  • Robby the Robot as SCV
  • Tennis as Marine
  • Ricky as Firebat
  • Sister as Medic
  • Sniper as Ghost

Terran Federation/Terran Ground vehicles

  • Kick Scooter as Vulture
  • Battle Golem as Goliath
  • SUV as Siege Tank

Terran Federation/Terran Air units

  • Jet as Wraith
  • Airplane as Dropship
  • VCN Maverick as Valkyrie
  • UFO as Science Vessel
  • Battleship as Battlecruiser

Terran Federation/Terran Heroes

  • Troy Apor (Tennis) as Jim Raynor (Marine)
  • Mary Queen of Scots as Adjutant
  • Yves Troy Apor (Waveboard) as Jim Raynor (Vulture)
  • Space Cruiser (Battleship) as Hyperion (Battlecruiser)
  • Maryann Negapatan (Sniper) as Sarah Kerrigan (Ghost)
  • Angelo Joseph Sabanal (Battleship) as Arcturus Mengsk
  • Commander Shepard (SUV) as Edmund Duke (Siege Tank)
  • Hammerhead (Black Cats) as Norad II & III (Battlecruiser)
  • Trevor Sever (Sniper) as Samir Duran (Ghost)
  • King Terenas (Battleship) as Admiral Gerard DuGalle (Battlecruiser)
  • Evan Dallmann-Kucher (Sniper) as Vice Admiral Stukov (Ghost)

Terran Federation/Terran Basic buildings

  • Town Hall as Command Center
  • Electric Fan as Supply Depot (supply)
  • Blacksmith House as Engineering Bay
  • House as Barracks
  • Ore Refinery as Refinery
  • Patriot Missile (Red Alert 2) as Missile Turret
  • The Parthenon as Academy
  • Battle Bunker as Bunker

Terran Federation/Terran Advanced buildings

  • Garage as Factory
  • Castle as Armory
  • Airport as Starport
  • Hospital as Science Facility

Terran Federation/Terran Add-on Buildings

  • Satellite as ComSat Station
  • Nuclear Missile Silo as Nuclear Silo
  • Shop as Machine Shop
  • Air Traffic Control as Control Tower
  • Laboratory as Physics Lab
  • Hospital Playroom as Covert Ops

Terran Federation/Terran Campaign buildings

  • Nuclear Reactor as EMP Generator
  • Caracol as Ion Cannon
  • School Door as Norad II
  • Orc Power Generator as Power Generator

Terran Federation/Terran Other

  • Nuke Missile as Nuclear Missile
  • Goblin Mine as Spider Mine

Terran Federation/Terran Scrapped units

  • NOD Cargo Plane as Cargo Ship
  • Star Destroyer as Gunship
  • Flying Duck as Raider

Terran Federation/Terran Scrapped buildings

  • Soviet Ore Refinery as Cantina
  • Airport Lounge as Dry Dock
  • Small Satellite as Power Station
  • Service Depot as Repair Bay
  • Ion Cannon as Star Base
  • Lumber Mill as Weapons Plant

Terran Federation/Terran Armaments

  • Tennis as C-14 rifle
  • Kitchen Lighter as Perdition flamethrower
  • M24 Sniper Weapon System as C-10 rifle
  • Grenade as AGP-2 grenade launcher
  • Machinegun as Autocannon
  • Rocks as Hellfire missile
  • SUV Gun Turret as 80 mm PPG-7 plasma cannon (2)
  • Flying Wheeled as Mjolnir 120 mm Shock Cannon
  • Laser as 25 mm burst lasers
  • Gryohon Rider Attack as Gemini AA missiles
  • Spears as H.A.L.O. cluster rockets
  • Blue Laser as Burst laser batteries

The Zug/Zerg Ground units

  • Dune Worm as Larva
  • Crab as Drone
  • Kevin Russ Igtos as Zergling
  • Vampire as Hydralisk
  • Spider as Lurker
  • Eel as Defiler
  • Mammoth as Ultralisk

The Zug/Zerg Air unit

  • Jowen Frank Martinez as Overlord (control)
  • Leg as Mutalisk
  • King Crab as Guardian
  • Arm as Scourge
  • Queen as Zerg Queen
  • Devour as Devourer

The Zug/Zerg Infestation units

  • Beetle as Broodling
  • Zombie as Infested Terran

The Zug/Zerg Transition units

  • Egg as Zerg egg
  • Spider egg as Lurker egg
  • Cocoon as Zerg Cocoon

The Zug/Zerg Heroes

  • Biafel Salvador Martinez as Queen of Blades (Kerrigan)
  • Dracula (Vampire) as Hunter Killer (Hydralisk)
  • Morshu as Overmind
  • Iguana and Chameleon as Cerebrate
  • Iggy the Iguana (blue/green) as Daggoth
  • Iggy the Iguana (rainbow) as Kagg
  • Rainbow the Chameleon (blue/green) as Nargil
  • Iguana as Araq
  • Rainbow the Chameleon (rainbow) as Zasz
  • Chameleon as Gorn
  • Tails Doll (Zombie) as Infested Duran (Infested Terran)

The Zug/Zerg Basic building

  • Haunted Church as Hatchery
  • Haunted House as Extractor
  • Graveyard as Evolution Chamber
  • Spawning Grounds as Spawning Pool
  • Ziggurat as Creep Colony
  • Naga Coral Bed as Spore Colony
  • Old Tent as Sunken Colony
  • Coffin as Hydralisk Den

The Zug/Zerg Advanced buildings

  • Temple of Tides as Lair
  • Black Citadel as Hive
  • Slaughterhouse as Spire
  • Bio Reactor as Greater Spire
  • Alien Nest as Queen's Nest
  • Cave as Nydus Canal
  • Lake as Defiler Mound
  • Mammoth Cave as Ultralisk Cavern
  • Haunted Hall as Infested Command Center

The Zug/Zerg Other

  • The Flood as Creep

The Zug/Zerg Scrapped

  • Dirty Lake as Mutation Chamber

Photoss/Protoss Ground units

  • Ate Levy as Probe
  • Ate Venus as Zealot
  • Basketball as Dragoon
  • Caterpillar as Reaver
  • Grandma as High Templar
  • Vincent Yap as Archon
  • Bo Josue as Dark Templar
  • Dan Dexelle as Dark Archon

Photoss/Protoss Air units

  • Space Shuttle as Shuttle
  • Bird as Scout
  • Albatross as Arbiter
  • Hawk as Carrier
  • Flies as Interceptor
  • Orbit as Observer
  • Faerie Dragon as Corsair

Photoss/Protoss Heroes

  • George Jacob Tan (Grandma) as Tassadar (High Templar)
  • Bald Eagle (Hawk) as Gantrithor (Carrier)
  • Double D (Ate Venus) as Fenix (Zealot)
  • Double D (Basketball) as Fenix (Dragoon)
  • Bert Paul Pacana (Bird) as Artanis (Scout)
  • Goku (Bo Josue) as Zeratul (Dark Templar)
  • Stickmas as Aldaris
  • Raquel Malazarte (Faerie Dragon) as Raszagal (Corsair)
  • Bo Josue (Heroes) as Dark Templar (Heroes)

Photoss/Protoss Basic buildings

  • Fresh Kimchi as Nexus
  • XBOX as Assimilator
  • Crystal as Pylon (psi)
  • Gate as Gateway
  • The Alamo as Forge
  • Battery as Shield Battery
  • Hunter's Hall as Cybernetics Core
  • Camera as Photon Cannon

Photoss/Protoss Advanced buildings

  • Computer as Robotics Facility
  • Roof as Stargate
  • Church as Citadel of Adun
  • Power Plant as Robotics Support Bay
  • Psychic Beacon as Fleet Beacon
  • Classroom as Templar Archives
  • Library as Observatory
  • Nest as Arbiter Tribunal

Photoss/Protoss Canceled buildings

  • Laptop as Maintenance Bay


  • Scorpion as Scantid
  • Rhinoceros as Rhynadon
  • Raptor as Ragnasaur
  • Polar Bear as Ursadon
  • Bagheera (The Jungle Book) as Bengalaas
  • Pterosaur as Kakaru


  • Crystal as Minerals
  • Gold as Vespene Gas
  • Mana as Energy
  • Psychic as Psi
  • Creep as Control
  • Material as Supply

Expansion Pack

Children's Progressive Starcraft: The Flood War

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