Photoss/Protoss Units

  • Bo Josue as Dark Templar
  • Dan Dexelle Capuyan as Dark Archon
  • Faerie Dragon as Corsair

Photoss/Protoss Heroes

  • Goku (Bo Josue) as Zeratul (Dark Templar)
  • Double D (Myles A. Siose) as Fenix (Dragoon)
  • Raquel Malazarte (Faerie Dragon) as Raszagal (Corsair)
  • Bert Paul Pacana (Bird) as Artanis (Scout)
  • Stickman (Grandma) as Aldaris (High Templar)
  • Reyjohn Tia (Bo Josue/Dan Dexelle Capuyan) as Ulrezaj (Dark Templar/Dark Archon)

Terran Federation/Terran Units

  • Sister as Medic
  • Valkyrie as UED Valkyrie

Terran Federation/Terran Heroes

  • Yves Troy Apor (Tennis) as Jim Raynor (Marine)
  • Yves Troy Apor (Waveboard) as Jim Raynor (Vulture)
  • Mary Queen of Scots as Adjutant
  • Hammerhead (Black Cat) as Norad II & III (Battlecruiser)
  • Space Cruiser (Battleship) as Hyperion (Battlecruiser)
  • Seymour Skinner (Battleship) as Arcturus Mengsk (Battlecruiser)
  • Tails the Fox (Sniper) as Samir Duran (Ghost)
  • Evan Dallmann-Kucher (Sniper) as Alexei Stukov (Ghost)
  • Terenas Menethil II (Battleship) as Gerard DuGalle (Battlecruiser)

The Zug/Zerg Units

  • Spider as Lurker
  • Devour as Devourer

The Zug/Zerg Heroes

  • Baby Toby as Second Overmind
  • Dracula (Vampire) as Hunter Killer (Hydralisk)
  • Brain as Daggoth
  • Woolly Mammoth (Mammoth) as Torrasque (Ultralisk)
  • Biafel Salvador Martinez as Kerrigan
  • Tails Doll (Sniper form Zombie) as Infested Duran (Ghost form Infested Terran)

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