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Children's Progressive Starcraft 2 Characters

Terran Characters

  • Nigel Thornberry as Tychus Findlay
  • Chloe Ries as Ariel Hanson
  • Matt Damon as Matt Horner
  • Angelo Joseph Sabanal as Arcturus Mengsk
  • Sora as Valerian Mengsk
  • Troy Apor as Jim Raynor
  • Peter Griffin as Rory Swann
  • Demoman as Gabriel Tosh

Protoss Characters

  • Bert Paul Pacana as Artanis
  • Chic Butron as Selendis
  • Goku as Zeratul

Zerg Characters

  • Gravemind as Abathur
  • Izza as Izsha
  • Biafel Salvador Martinez as Kerrigan

Other Characters

  • Darth Vader as Dark Voice

Children's Progressive Starcraft: Ghost Characters

  • Navleen as Nova

Children's Progressive Starcraft I Characters

Terran Characters

  • Terenas Menethil II as Gerard DuGalle
  • Commander Shepard as Edmund Duke
  • Kathleen Andrea Igtos as Sarah Kerrigan
  • Seymour Skinner as Arcturus Mengsk
  • Troy Apor as Jim Raynor
  • Flippy the Bear as Alexei Stukov

Protoss Characters

  • Stickman as Aldaris
  • Bert Paul Pacana as Artanis
  • Double D as Fenix
  • Raquel Malazarte as Raszagal
  • George Jacob Tan as Tassadar
  • Goku as Zeratul
  • Reyjohn Tia as Ulrezaj

Zerg Characters

  • Brain as Daggoth
  • Biafel Salvador Martinez as Infested Kerrigan
  • Baby Maries as Overmind
  • Baby Toby as Second Overmind
  • Brain Control as Zasz

Other Characters

  • Tails as Samir Duran

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