UNSC/Terran Units

  • Banshee as AH/G-24 Banshee
  • Capital Ship as Battlecruiser
  • Sniper as Ghost
  • Humvee as Hellion
  • Tito Harry as Marauder
  • Tennis as Marine
  • Air Ambulance as Medivac dropship
  • Mole as MULE
  • Crow as Raven
  • Grim Reaper as Reaper
  • Radio as SCV
  • SUV as Siege Tank
  • Thor (Marvel) as Thor
  • Viking as Terran Viking

UNSC/Terran Structures

  • Castle as Armory
  • House as Barracks
  • Orc Burrow as Bunker
  • Paper Cutter as Command Center
  • Rice Cooker as Orbital Command
  • Oil platform as Planetary fortress
  • Construction as Engineering Bay
  • Garage as Factory
  • Water Tower as Fusion Core
  • Nuclear Silo as Ghost Academy
  • Patriot Missile (Red Alert 2) as Missile Turret
  • Oil Refinery as Refinery
  • Transmission Tower as Sensor Tower
  • Airport as Starport
  • Electric Fan as Supply Depot (supply)

UNSC/Terran Add-Ons

  • Bio Reactor as Reactor
  • Computer Lab as Tech Lab

UNSC/Terran Campaign Infantry

  • Ricky as Firebat
  • Sister as Medic
  • American people as Rebel
  • Ty McCray as Spectre

UNSC/Terran Campaign Mercenaries

  • Teacher John as Devil Dogs
  • Tita Cherry as Hammer Securities
  • Black Perennial (GTA: San Andreas) as Siege Breakers

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