Tau Empire/Protoss Infantry

  • Ate Levy as Probe
  • Ate Venus as Zealot
  • Grandma as High Templar
  • Bo Josue as Dark Templar
  • Vincent Yap. as Archon

Tau Empire/Protoss Land mechanized

  • Centurion Siege Crawler as Stalker
  • Bryce Botley as Immortal
  • Sentry as Themself
  • Robot Big Dog as Colossus

Tau Empire/Protoss Air units

  • Apollo Lunar Module as Warp Prism
  • Orbit as Observer
  • Eagle as Phoenix
  • Eagle Ray as Void Ray
  • Hawk as Carrier
  • Flies as Interceptor
  • Dragon as Mothership

Tau Empire/Protoss Basic buildings

  • Fresh Kimchi as Nexus
  • XBOX 360 as Assimilator
  • Crystal as Pylon (psi)
  • Gate as Gateway
  • Waygate as Warp Gate
  • The Alamo as Forge
  • Hunter's Hall as Cybernetics Core

Tau Empire/Protoss Combat buildings

  • Camera as Photon Cannon

Tau Empire/Protoss Advanced buildings

  • Clock Tower as Twilight Council
  • Obelisk as Dark Shrine
  • Barn as Templar Archives
  • Computer as Robotics Facility
  • Nuclear Power Plant as Robotics Bay
  • Roof as Stargate
  • Psychic Beacon as Fleet Beacon

Tau Empire/Protoss Campaign Units

  • Bird as Scout
  • Zeppelin as Star Relic
  • Michelle Cullamat as Stone Guardian

Tau Empire/Protoss Campaign Structures

  • Quartz as Monolith (psi)
  • Obelisk of Light as Obelisk

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