Children's Video Favourites is a VHS Realeased in 1990 NCH produced by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment it features Huxley Pig, The Herbs, Wimpole Village, Broomstick Cottage, Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends, Pingu, Postman Pat, Fireman Sam and Spot the Dog

Episodes Include

  • Huxley Pig: The Haunted House
  • The Herbs: Parsley's Birthday Party
  • Wimpole Village
  • Broomstick Cottage: Sponge Moves the Furnitcher
  • Thomas The Tank Engine And Friends: Mavis
  • Pingu Builds An Igloo
  • Postman Pat And The Beast of Greendale
  • Fireman Sam: Norman's Pitfall
  • Spot the Dog: Spot Lost Bone

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